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Alex T. Wolf and The GACC Comedy Group's new stand-up special, "Our Kind of Town" is available now

Samuel Horton

The GACC Comedy Group, a Chicago-based comedic stand up-group, has released their new standup special called "Our Kind of Town." The premise of the album is introduced by Gordon James, one of the key members of the comedic group. The special is a non-stop stand-up comedy monologue featuring many on-stage live performances from 2020 to early 2021, mixed in with various skits and songs.

Recorded live in Chicago, Illinois, this high-octane comedy album from one of the funniest comedic groups gives you over an hour and twenty minutes of non-stop laughter stand-up comedy. The album covers a wide range of politics, the coronavirus pandemic, liberals in Chicago, religion, eating habits, travel, religion, and teacher having sex with students. And just when you think the comedy group it their climax in their punchlines and is ready to move on, they surprise you by taking the joke twenty miles further. The recording itself is raw-with audible cross-talk and drunk/high reactions, but hearing the crowd doesn’t take away from the album, it actually adds to it, giving the album a true live feel.

The GACC Comedy Group show's off what they can do best with digging themselves in holes and then easily digging themselves out with ease. The GACC Comedy Group has jokes, and then they joke about their own jokes. During their live shows, it comes out so fast, ricocheting from wall to wall, which is one hell of a fun ride.

The two original co-founders of The GACC Comedy Group are Gordon James and Alex T. Wolf both begin stand-up comedy at a young age. Gordon James, who is 20, explained during an after-performance interview, "What I like about performing stand-up comedy, is how in a way where it’s not offensive to everybody, but it’s just f*cking funny. Just do your part and be a good person in life."

Members of The GACC Comedy Group

Gordon James (Co-Founder)

Alex T. Wolf (Co-Founder)

Chris Ager (Member)

Connor Murphy (Member)
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