WWE Superstar John Cena Meets with a Teen with Down Syndrome Who Escaped Ukraine

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John Cena meets up with Misha Rohozhyn, a 19-year-old boy with down syndrome, who escaped his home in Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

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John Cena meets a fan with Down Syndrome.Image courtesy: Twitter

The war following the Russian invasion of Ukraine has had a devastating effect on the world, more so on the citizens of Ukraine. With the qualitative fall of their economy and living conditions and imminent danger to life and well-being, millions of Ukrainian citizens were forced to flee from their hometowns. Many left their homes and travelled abroad in search of a safer place. A 19-year-old boy with down syndrome, named Misha Rohozhyn, and his mother Liana Rohozhyn, were among those who successfully fled the country.

According to a report, Russian bombs struck the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol and destroyed the home of Liana Rohozhyn. Following this incident, she had to leave her hometown behind and flee along with her son. To help her son Misha, who suffers from down syndrome, cope with the situation and the journey, Liana told Misha that they were leaving Ukraine in search of his favourite US-based pro wrestler and WWE superstar John Cena.

The war has been extremely impactful on everyone. People who suffer from the down syndrome are extremely sensitive to loud sounds. This makes the war extremely precarious for the people who suffer from such disabilities as the loud impacts of bombs and the sirens cause sensory overload and panic. On top of that, the congested nature of typical bomb shelters adds to the panic of such people. This added to why Liana knew she had to escape the country with Misha.

As reported by Wall Street Journal, Misha and his mother Liana arrived in The Netherlands last month after a long and tedious journey. When John Cena caught wind of the story, he decided to do good and meet up with his fan. He met up with Misha on June 4th and spent the entire afternoon with him. Liana Rohozhyn reported to the Wall Street Journal that she had seen Misha smiling and genuinely happy after a long time when he met Cena.

The WWE superstar is known among his fans for being kind-hearted and well-behaved around his fans. Through this incident, he has once again sent waves of praise among the crowds. Many tweets were made as this incident went viral. Fan @OliverSays2 tweeted “The world doesn’t have enough heroes but we have @JohnCena and frankly I’m grateful for him!!” Amidst the disastrous situation of the war, some heart-warming news like this was much needed. We give all our love and respect to John Cena for making all of us smile a little brighter by making Misha smile.

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