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Ironing: Wouldn't You Rather Be Doing Other Things?
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Let's Face It: Ironing is a Chore We Can Do Without

They that wrinkles add character. The question is: character for whom? Or what, for that matter?
Oh - you mean that they weren't talking about clothes?

Let's face it: unless you're independently wealthy, we're all living in a purgatory of unwashed laundry, because we all know it never ends. Add one family, messy kids, exhausted working parents and you have the recipe for the never-ending reality of unwashed clothes in desperate need of a clean.

How this translates into everyday life - at least for many of us - is the constant pile of clothes that are either going from dirty to clean, or vice versa. Unless you're a wash and fold superstar, you're well aware that newly dried clothes very quickly become a sad-looking wrinkled pile immediately forgotten by the rest of the family. The nightmare of ironing has just begun.

But this all-too-common scenario doesn't have to happen. There are ways around having to wield a medieval instrument of torture, a.k.a. an iron, ever. You see, while wrinkled clothing may be a reality for the uninitiated, but the solution doesn't have to be so dire. Now, it's clear that there are people who actually love ironing - we all know a few of these folks and, unlike the rest of us, they accordingly live a wrinkle-free existence. It's safe to say, however, that these people are in the minority. Ironing, for the rest of us, isn't fun, isn't relaxing and isn't a good way to spend one's time.

Survey: Women Beat Men When it Comes to Basic Household Tasks
Women beat men when it comes to basic household tasksTommy John

Of course there are alternatives. Dry cleaning or hiring a wash and fold services work, but who has the extra money required for these options? Life can get very expensive, especially for a family with parents and kids who continually get their clothes dirty at the drop of a hat. Further, there's the issue of the chemicals used in the dry cleaning process that we all know are not good for us or the environment. The wash and fold services? Again, convenient but it's yet another chore that needs to be done in oder for it to be completed. One has to take their pile of dirty, smelly clothing to a stranger for them to deal with because we don't want to. A questionable choice for those who think that other people sorting through our soiled underthings is a tad too close for comfort.


STATISTICS: The Dry-Cleaning and Laundry Services Market Size, 2016-2027
Cleaning and Laundry Services Market StatisticsGrandview Research

In spite of the issues with dry cleaning and outsourced laundry services, recent studies have found that Americans are embracing these options as a way of avoiding the dreaded chore of ironing.

Grandview Research found some of the following surprising statistics:

  • The global dry-cleaning and laundry services market size was estimated at USD 60.9 billion in 2019
  • The global dry-cleaning and laundry services market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.4% from 2020 to 2027 to reach USD 79.9 billion by 2027
  • Key factors that are driving the market growth include globally growing working population coupled with rising spending on clothes and cleaning services


To the tired, to the stressed (hello, COVID!) and to those who just don't want to waste time on mundane chores, there is a solution to the laundry/wrinkled clothes/ironing imperative. As a matter of fact, there are many solutions.

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Ironing

  1. Never buy clothes that are 100% cotton. Never. You know why? Because cotton wrinkles very quickly after being dried. Ditto for linen, a nightmare of wrinkles even before washing.
  2. Look for blends, e.g. cotton blended with some type of synthetic material (even if it's polyester!! It's okay, embrace it!)
  3. Wash clothes, dry them and immediately, that is - take them out of the dryer while they are still hot. Fold ASAP (if you can, if you have time, try it - it works).
  4. Steam. Either from a portable steamer, or from the shower. A quick and simple trip has been proven to work every time: hang up your clothes in the bathroom as close to the shower as possible without getting them wet. Have a really hot shower. Step out and check your threads. Voila! Most of the wrinkles will have disappeared. No ironing necessary.
  5. Wrinkle Releaser. These easy-to-find lifesavers cannot be praised enough. They can save the day often, allowing you to recoup that precious time that you would have spent ironing doing something more appealing. Spray on and go.

So you see, there are options for the eternally tired person who wants to take a dreaded chore of the table - or ironing board. Use that time that would have been spent in drudgery enjoying something a bit more pleasant.

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