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Stow, Ohio Skip Playground Grand Opening

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July 2, 2023, is the grand opening of Skip Playground in Stow, Ohio. It promises to be a playground for kids of all ages and all abilities.

Here is an overview* of what you can expect the park to include:

  • Large-scale universal play facility
  • Items such as sensory panels, a large play structure, musical instruments, spinning equipment, a ninja warrior course, and an inclusive whirl
  • Benefits to people with and without disabilities and their families

Breakdown of Play Equipment

Inclusive Whirl

  • Provides sensory input for all individuals
  • Can be used by children and adults
  • Can be used by individuals who use a mobility device without having to leave the device

Sensory Panels

  • The textures on the panels are thick and are especially great for children with hyposensitive sensory processing disorder and children across the Autism spectrum
  • Lots of vibrant colors and thick textures that provide tactile and visual stimulation.

Zip Line

  • Provides proprioceptive and vestibular sensory experiences
  • Allows children to practice social skills like waiting in line and helping others
  • Proven to be a favorite piece of playground equipment for children of all abilities

Gen X Structure

  • This structure is developmentally appropriate for children ages 5-12
  • It has two towers, two slides, an upper and lower-level play deck, and a connecting skyway
  • There are clear lines of sight from the ground, so parents can keep an eye on their children

Tots' Choice Structure

  • Gives toddlers and preschoolers a climbing and sliding experience
  • Helps small children develop gross motor skills


  • Provide vestibular sensory movement
  • Has multiple types of swings, including traditional swings, bucket swings for babies/toddlers, ADA swings, and generation swings

Ninja Warrior Course

  • Promotes physical development in children and adolescents
  • Comes with four main pieces:
    • The Tapered Tower: Builds upper body strength through multiple climbing apparatuses
    • The Breakaways: Low, angled platforms that are arranged to require children to maneuver back and forth between them. This builds coordination, agility, strength, and balance.
    • The Sprawl Wall: Gives a full-body workout by having children walk from point A to point B between angled walls.
    • The Chaos Climber: Has horizontal and vertical ropes and monkey bars. These allow kids and adolescents to build agility, balance, upper body strength, stamina, and coordination.

Ten Spin & Cyclo Cone Plus Climber

  • Provide spinning experience
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Can accommodate multiple children at once to develop social skills

Accelerator Swing

  • Unique swinging experience
  • Children with lower core strength can lie down on the disk and be pushed by an adult
  • Can accommodate multiple children at once to work on social skills

Viper Swing

  • Giant, inline rope swing that provides swinging, rocking movements, and balancing
  • Can be used individually or with others
  • When used with others, it requires kids to work together to make it swing cooperatively

Sand Pit and Interactive Musical Instruments

  • Sand Pit is ADA accessible
  • Comes with one ADA-accessible X-Cavator
  • Allows children of all ages to interact
  • The Rainbow Trio Musical Instruments provide creative and interactive play for all ages

*All this information is based on the original plans and may have changed over time.

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