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The time when it was against SF laws to be disabled

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A lot has happened in the history of San Francisco, California. Certain strange laws were introduced in the past, some of which were actually meant to benefit people while others were good for nothing.

If you check the history of this beautiful city, you will get to know about the Chinese Exclusion Act and the construction of the Golden Gate Park. The Chinese Exclusion Act was basically a federal law signed in 1882 by Chester A. Arthur to stop Chinese immigrants from entering the country.

On the other hand, the Golden Gate Park that is present in San Francisco has a shape similar to New York City's Central Park. It attracts so many people every year thanks to its beauty and charm.

The odd law of San Francisco

Do you know there was a time when being disabled or diseased was against the law in San Francisco? I have read that this law basically targeted disabled and ordinary-looking people. Being poor is not a bad thing, and it is not in your control if you work hard but don't earn sufficient or remain homeless.

But in 1867, something strange happened in the city when it was considered illegal for anyone to be disabled, poor, or diseased. The saddest part of this law was when people with physical disabilities were given different types of punishments. They were not allowed to go in public and were asked to remain at home and hide.

Your thoughts

I feel that instead of making their lives more difficult, such people should be helped and guided. What are your opinions in this regard?

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