Miss Universe R'Bonney Gabriel -- The woman with a unique way of styling her hair

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Beauty pageants around the world are all about the best versions of females on competitive stages. Awards are given to the right women and for the right reasons. This is not only a crown, some cash, and fame that brings you to the top, it is also a responsibility that you share to benefit people in one way or the other.

When it comes to idealizing a beauty pageant, we expect the women to be highly professional, good-looking, slim, and of course, marvelous.

Can you imagine a winner saying she does not like washing her hair? The world was surprised when Miss Universe R'Bonney Gabriel released the same statement.

R'Bonney Gabriel on not washing her hair

After getting the Miss Universe title, R'Bonney Gabriel started sharing some secrets that she believed led her to become a winner.

The 28-year-old fashion designer said that she was not washing her hair regularly because she wanted to make the hair look thick and vibrant. For almost two weeks, she went without washing her hair and felt bad about it. However, this did not affect her confidence level and attraction.

Of course, most of us will think it is funny. When R'Bonney Gabriel released such statements, people called it a joke but she said it is not so. She revealed that we come on the stage as fresh and beautiful but she was actually feeling dirty at the time when she became the winner.

I am not sure if it is actually true or not but if not washing your hair contributes to beauty, we would all love to do the same.

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