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Julia Koch -- A Rich New York Female Who’s Giving Away Millions; Contact If You’re Needy

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It always feels good when someone lends you a helping hand, especially when you don’t have enough money and food for the family. In a city like New York where the cost of living is extremely high, financial help can be like a pleasant surprise.

So many celebrities and social media activists work closely with different NGOs to help people get out of uncertain situations. One such name is Julia Koch.

Julia Koch Is Giving Away Millions

Her full name is Julia Margaret Flesher Koch and she is an American philanthropist and socialite. We can safely call Julia Koch one of the richest and most incredible and humble women not only in the United States but also globally.

She inherited most of her money from husband, David Koch, who passed away in 2019. According to Forbes, Julia Koch and her family’s net worth is around $59 billions. The names of her kids are Mary Julia Koch, John Mark Koch and David Koch Jr.

With such a huge amount in her bank accounts, Julia Koch has not forgotten to help people around her. Through her foundation named as David Koch Foundation, she aims to serve the needy. The foundation is primarily committed to advancing the lives of different people in the world and that’s through science, arts, public policy and education.

Millions have already been contributed to cancer research and if you need financial help due to a health issue, you can apply for grants. Donations may or may not be given to everyone because they receive a large number of requests and have plenty of education and research projects to fund.

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