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The Philly Four: GOP backs Oz in the recount

Sam Britt
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Philadelphia's operating budget at risk with employment projections

  • Research from The Pew Charitable Trust found a wide variance of outcomes for Philadelphia's operating budget given the multiple projections of employment patterns, with some data showing that the city may face a significantly low difference between the $1.6 billion budget and its revenue. The research states that Philadelphia's next mayor may inherit a complex and potentially challenging financial situation.

GOP backs Oz during recount

  • The full force of the national and state GOP is behind Senatorial hopeful Mehmet Oz as he faces a recount against David McCormick. The GOP is defending Oz as McCormick files a lawsuit asking Pennsylvania to follow a brand-new federal appeals court decision that would allow the state to count mail-in ballots without the handwritten date on the return envelope. Oz held a slim lead, 992 votes, out of the initial 1,341,037 votes counted by Tuesday morning.

Global warming could cause lost sleep

  • While some science-deniers and pessimists say they are not losing sleep over climate change, soon they won't have a choice according to a study published by One Earth. The study found that the chances of getting less than seven hours of sleep increase by 3.5% if the outdoor temperature is above 77 degrees. A single night of sleep at 86 degrees or above reduces the amount of sleep by a quarter per person. These add up and the warming of the planet could end up robbing us of 50-58 hours of sleep a year by 2099.

Philly school to resume masking

  • The School District of Philadelphia announced that its schools will once again require masks citing the rising cases of COVID in the region as the reason. The announcement goes on to remind students and faculty about the health and safety protocols, which require them to alert the school system if they contract COVID.

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