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The Philly Four: City still feeling the lingering effects of the pandemic on rent, local economy

Sam Britt
Sam Britt/ News Break

Rent skyrockets in Philly suburbs

  • While Philadelphia itself saw a 6% increase in rental costs over the course of the pandemic, its surrounding counties saw rates double or even almost triple that number. Some of the reasoning for this is these areas were in higher demand due to people wishing to move out of major metropolitan areas during the pandemic. This is an issue across the country as the national average for rent increased by 11.3%.

Downtown economy needs more people returning to work

  • A report from the Center City District is asking for more businesses to return to office in order to bolster the economy in downtown Philadelphia. The return to the office has a wide range of chain reactions, if workers don't come back that could spell firings for positions like building engineers, cleaning staff and security staff. On top of that, since only half of the workers have returned fewer restaurants are needed to feed them.

Pa. could see influx of abortion seekers

  • With many of the states surrounding Pennsylvania potentially making abortion illegal, women seeking the procedure may flood into the Commonwealth. States like Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan and Kentucky all may ban abortions, which would result in a 1,169% increase in women whose nearest abortion provider would be Pennsylvania. This would cause significant strain on the state's abortion network.

Could collaboration be the answer to Philly's gun violence problem?

  • Four anti-gun violence groups quadruple booked events on May 7, showing the communities wish to end the epidemic plaguing the city and a need for organization between groups. Researchers who study social organizations found that when pooling their resources it is more effective than having multiple scattered groups working on their own.

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