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The Philly Four: Cops who shot 12-year-old sued by family

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Officers who shot 12-year-old boy sued by family

  • The four Philadelphia police officers involved in the shooting of 12-year-old Thomas Siderio are being sued by the boy's family. The officers said that they were investigating reports of a gun when they saw Siderio and another boy on bicycles and they noticed Siderio had a gun. The police say that somebody fired on them first and when they returned fire they shot and killed Siderio. A semi-automatic handgun was recovered from the scene.

Philadelphia stands against measure to privatize liquor sales

  • Republican State Rep. Natalie Mihalek is creating a constitutional amendment to privatize Pennsylvania's liquor system but some Democratic state senators from Philadelphia are defending the current system. Pennsylvania is one of two states with a state-run liquor system, a system that brought in $800 million in profits this past fiscal year. Critics of the amendment say a privatized system would put thousands of people out of well-paying jobs.

City struggling to get funds to anti-violence groups

  • In September the fourth round of Targeted Community Investment Grants were awarded to anti-violence groups within Philadelphia, however, since then the groups that were picked have struggled to actually get ahold of the money. The groups have stated that the system was overly-complicated and ended up becoming backlogged, resulting in members to self-fund projects or turning to private donors.

Research shows what jobs were hit hardest by the pandemic

  • The Pew Research Center released data on the effects of the pandemic on Philadelphia's workforce. Data shows that the groups hardest hit by COVID-19 were Black women and workers without college degrees. Public transportation, retailers and lunch spots were all majorly affected by remote work as fewer people entered the city. Research revealed that Philadelphia lost 15% of its jobs, 2% more than the national average.

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