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The Philly Four: DA says police lied about bystanders not intervening in SEPTA assault

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Jason Kelce takes shots at Ben Simmons

  • Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce offered disgruntled Sixers point guard Ben Simmons one piece of advice to avoid the scorn of the city's fanbase, "Just play better." Kelce took shots during a press conference about the lack of accountability Simmons faces. Simmons will miss the Sixers' home opener on Friday and met with the team to explain that he is not mentally ready to play.

DA says police lied about bystanders actions during SEPTA rape

  • The Delaware County District Attorney dismissed the police narrative that multiple bystanders did nothing while a woman was raped onboard a SEPTA train. The DA stated that one passenger filmed the assault but it is unclear if they understood what was happening. The narrative that a group of riders watched the rape occur and did not call 911 is not supported by the security footage on the train.

Some public schools still do not have gender-neutral bathrooms

  • The Philadelphia School District announced in August that all public schools must have a gender-neutral bathroom this year. However, two months into the school year many schools still haven't complied and others have bathrooms that are inconvenient or inaccessible to the student body.

Teacher under investigation for allowing student to make wooden gun

  • The Philadephia School District is investigating an incident where a student at Austin Meehan Middle School was allowed to create a wooden toy gun in carpentry class. This violates the district policy of not allowing "any weapons, including simulated, replica, toy or look-alikes" on school property.

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