US Fighters Supposedly Battled a Goliath Red Haired Humanoid in the Mountains of Afghanistan

Safa Farooq
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In 2002, a US special forces team purportedly experienced and killed a huge humanoid in Afghanistan. Named the Kandahar Monster, the monster was not just said to overshadow the warriors at 13 feet in height, but additionally had six fingers on each hand and two arrangements of teeth.

The story goes that during "Activity Getting Through Opportunity," when the US military was occupied with battling the Taliban in the Kandahar Region of Afghanistan, a US armed forces crew vanished while out on the lookout. A special forces unit was then entrusted with finding the missing fighters after they neglected to connect.

Throughout their examination, the fighters happened upon the trash of obliterated armed force gear high up in the mountains as this selection makes sense of "A "special forces team" (branch obscure, potentially thinking of officers thinking that the missing crew was armed force) was shipped off to figure out what had occurred, and the warriors strolled along a worn-out, rugged path until showing up at the entry of an enormous cavern. Bits of broken U.S. military hardware and stuff was spread by and large around the clearing."

As per reports, that is the point at which they experienced the animal who rose up out of the cavern and afterward continued to pierce one of the troopers with his lance. Despite the fact that the goliath was just outfitted with a lance, the troopers opened up with their weapons and kept pouring projectiles on it until it was brought down by the searing hail: "Between them, the crew was equipped with full-auto M4 carbines, "recon carbines" (self-loader), and M107 Barrett hostile to materiel rifles discharging .50 BMG. This much capability focused on one objective briefly, not to mention thirty, would be very horrendous."

The supported gunfire endured all of 30 seconds after which the body of the goliath was purportedly swopped far up into the clouds by a Chinook helicopter at no point ever to be seen or heard from in the future.

While some call it a hoax, others, such as L.A. Marzulli, believe it was a Nephilim: "As per Marzulli, the animal was a Nephilim, a gathering referenced in the Beginning and Numbers books of the Hebrew Scriptures who were supposed to be "individuals of strangely huge size and strength" that could be seen in the Middle East both before and after "The Flood" of Noah's Ark distinction."

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