How to Stay Joyful All the Time

Sadia Kabir

Our daily activities determined our future.

Something that you do occasionally don’t impact much on your future.

The reality, however, is that your habits can change your life completely, and it can be for good or bad both.

Some habits of yours might not harm others but harm your life in the long run, even if they are giving you joy for the time being.

And, ends up making you land on a life that has no happiness, joy, and peace.

Quite often, quitting these habits can change your whole life and help you create a life where you can stay happy all the time.

1. Don’t Get Personal With Everything, Even if It’s Hard.

Too often, many people take negative feedback personally, even if the rate is too low than positivity.

I sell t-shirts on print-on-demand websites. To increase sales, I’ve to promote my products on social media. That means everyone can comment on my work. While most of the comments are positive and encouraging, a few comments are negative.

When I was a beginner, I used to get suggestions from popular and successful print-on-demand creators. They used to point out my mistake and encourage me to rectify them whereas, some people bashed me on my mistakes.

Sometimes these negative comments might make you doubt yourself, even if those comments are bullshit.

The truth, however, is that we can never get 100% positive comments for all of our work. At least 0.1% of comments have to be negative. And some nasty people are behind in spreading this negativity.

And sometimes, for these 0.1% negative comments, we tend to reject that 99.9% positive comments.

However, the reality is that you’ll struggle to find success if you always think — what people will say. Because creating a masterpiece in every attempt is not necessary.

Nobody is above mistakes, and you are not here to be perfect, but for giving the best of yourselves to create something, to be proud of.

Additionally, those negative comments can become the biggest hindrance in the way of your success and happiness if you take everything personally.

What to do instead:

Whenever you step into these situations, then — take a few minutes and ask yourself why these comments are affecting you or ignore them and shut their mouth by keeping going.

No matter how perfect you are, negative comments will always chase you wherever you go.

During these circumstances, it’s your decision whether you stop your work by giving value to their thinking or keep going by ignoring them.

The easier it is to say, the harder it is to do. But, always remember, it’s your life, yours.

You’re the one to decide what you want to do, what makes you happy.

In addition, Mixing negativity in our daily life is the only work that nasty people have.

But, if you’re getting affected by them, then you are letting them affect you.

2. Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others.

So many people stay under-confident because they compare their biggest flaw with another persons’ biggest strength.

But the truth is that this nature of their increases their needs more.

And, they start wasting their time by running behind the persons — who have more than them.

They only aim to become somebody by thinking that having things that person has will change their life and finally bring them happiness.

The truth, however, is you never can find happiness if you always strive to become someone. It’ll end up ruining the beautiful life you’re living.

I’ve also been gone through tough times. I got up, also broke down, and the thing that I learned is that we can never live a happy life if we always compare ourselves with others without being grateful for what we have.

Of course, you’ll take inspiration from others to shine and grow in life but not for becoming exactly like them.

It’ll help you to live every moment of life and achieve goals without being frustrated and stressed.

What to do instead:

First of all, stop comparing yourself with others. Especially, those who’ve been given more than us.

It makes you thirsty for becoming themselves.

And, you can’t achieve anything by putting the pressure of becoming somebody on yourself.

You only can win in life by allowing yourself to be you.

Allow yourself to appreciate things that you have, even it’s little, and encourage yourself in every attempt you make.

3. Don’t Let Anger Take Control Over You.

I genuinely believe that anger is the biggest enemy of everyone’s life.

Research states that anger could be considered a positive emotion if it’s expressed properly. But the rate of controlled anger is very low than uncontrolled anger.

Most people take wrong decisions under the influence of anger. Also, anger is the main reason behind quarrels — with relatives, friends, parents, random people —, disagreements, failed relationships, and much more. It’s like a disease that explores the worst of us.

The reality, however, is most of the time people regret the decision made under influence of anger. And, destroys the beautiful moments of life in the hand of anger.

Thus, those who control anger are the strongest person, because it is the hardest thing to control, as it snatches the ability of thinking.

What to do instead:

You can’t avoid or get rid of anger. As it’s a state of mind, which will happen, no matter how hard you try.

The first antidote to anger is to set your mind that you'll not get angry. Still, when anger is out of your control, then you can follow the below steps to reduce it.

  • Drink some water
  • Avoid talking to anyone as it can increase your temper
  • Sit down or lie down to take some rest
  • Pause and take deep breaths, read a book, divert your mind
  • Wash your face with cold water for some minutes.

4. Stop Messing Up With Your Sleep.

There’s no aspect of your mental, emotional, or physical performance that’s not affected by your sleep.

But studies have shown that the vast majority of people nowadays lack a sufficient amount of sleep.

A great quality of sleep charges your mind like a charger of an electrical device. And, the fresh mind works as the #1 source for productivity and energy-boosting.

Without a night of sound sleep, your mind is like a room of trash. You can’t make a place for any of your plans before you clean the trash.

What to do instead:

At first, you’ve to make sure to get enough sleep.

Aiming for an 8-hour sleep per night would be great.

There may people come, and advise you — sleep less and work more, otherwise, you won’t succeed. This may encourage you to think about 4–5 hours of sleep is enough, even if it’s wrong.

Additionally, you can follow some tactics for excellent sleep —

  • Sleep in darkness. Because the absence of light sends a signal to the body that it is time to rest. If you can’t manage a wholly dark place, then use a sleep mask.
  • Sleep in a silent place. Because sleeping with noise causes you to feel unsatisfied and unrested when you wake up. If you can’t manage silence, then use earplugs.
  • Throw away all negative thoughts and workloads before sleep. Because negative thoughts and workloads keep you up at night and end up screwing your sleep.
  • Avoid excessive use of electronic devices. Because these devices emit blue light which blocks the hormone melatonin that causes sleep. But if you must use these devices then use blue light blocking glasses or blue-light blocking apps.
  • Sleep early. Sleeping early covers 8 hours perfectly. Thus, you can wake up early, have a walk, and spend some time with nature that will refresh your mind.
“You will perform better, make better decisions, and have a better body when you get the sleep you require.”
— Shawn Stevenson

Final Thoughts

Quite often, our habits help us to destroy our happiness, success, and creativity.

Parting ways with those habits can explore your best self to you and the world. It can help you be more creative, mindful.

Yet, life without bad habits isn’t possible. You’ll have bad habits, it can be knowingly or unknowingly.

But, you can achieve perfection only when you’ll attempt to throw them out of life.

“Perfection is boring. If a face doesn’t have mistakes, it’s nothing.”
— Kevyn Aucoin

It’s easier said than done to change a habit, but it’ll bring you closer to the happiest time of your life.

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