A cute video of a dog who becomes quite happy when his friend arrives


It's not just humans who get excited by the sight of an old friend. Dogs also carry it out in their unique manner. A new video of a dog enthusiastically greeting a friend at the door has gone viral on social media due to its cuteness.

The video shows the dog perched on the front door, practically bouncing with excitement, maybe at the thought of having company. As his friend draws closer, the pup becomes more and more energetic, eventually bouncing. His tail wags ferociously.

This video was posted on Twitter by a user named puppiesdoglover on January 30, 2023. This short 5-second video of a cute dog has accumulated nearly 150k views in a very short time, and it has accumulated nearly 16k likes.

The caption of this video reads, "He gets very excited when his friend comes over."

So many users have engaged with this post; let’s see what viewers say in their comments about this video.

Feeling this welcome by a friend would automatically merit a visit often. Genuine welcome.
The dog performs the happy dance.
Just the sight of a dog brightens my day and lets me know that God really does care.

I think the dog's reaction is a gentle reminder that we should all try to be just as enthusiastic about our friends, no matter how big or small the interaction. Seeing how excited the puppy it reminds us how important it is to be kind and happy around our friends.

At the same time, it reminds us that we can show love and excitement, which we often forget in our busy lives.

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