An adorable video of a dog waiting for her 90-year-old friend during their daily walk.


Friendship is an experience that is indescribably precious and beautiful in its simplicity; it is unlike any other type of relationship. In my opinion, a relationship based solely on care, compassion, and love for someone else will always be more substantial.

And the friendship between dogs and humans is one of the most beautiful and indescribable. The relationship is not built on words. Still, it is instead built on a bond and connection that surpasses all of these conventional boundaries.

So today on this blog we are going to video a dog waiting for her 90-year-old friend during a daily walk.

At the start of the video, we can see that a dog is waiting for her friend, and as soon as her friend arrives, the dog moves toward him.

This short video clip was posted on Twitter by a user named Buitengebieden.

The caption reads, "Every morning, 11-year-old dog Maisy is waiting for her 90-year-old friend Richard during his daily walk."

This video has accumulated over 3 million views and 220 k likes.

Let’s see some of the comments made by the users.

"How lucky is this guy that every single day someone is happy to see him! Wouldn't you just love to have someone in your life like Maisy? "
"And I bet Richard is waiting for his 11-year-old friend Maisy."
"And bless the owner of that dog for taking the time to have Maisy out there waiting for Richard every morning."

In my opinion, the friendship between a dog and a 90-year-old man is something that deserves to be revered and appreciated.

Well, feel free to share your opinion on this video.

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