A cute video of a small baby snatching the chip packet.


Childhood can be a joyous time, a chance to explore and discover new things. Children are innocent and the world is their playground.

So today we are going to talk about a cute video of a small baby snatching chips, which is too funny.

And this is cute, funny, and just plain adorable. Who doesn't love a good baby video? These clips are so enjoyable that people like me gravitate toward them on every social media platform.

If you're one of those people who love seeing babies going about their day as only they know how to do it, then this is for you.

The video begins with a little child relaxing on a couch. The baby is seen holding a pack of chips, which it seems to be enjoying.

Then, the person next to the baby reaches over and tries to grab a handful of chips. The baby takes the chip package back right away and gives the person a funny expression.

This video was uploaded on Instagram by a user named happyfacesgoal.

This video has gained over 10 million views and over 400k likes.

Based on my opinion, I think the baby is very cute in the video. It seems to enjoy its chips and doesn't want to share them when someone else tries to get them.

The funny part about this video is that it will give you a good laugh.

I also love how the video was shot, as it makes every movement and every expression of the baby look cute and funny.

Feel free to share your opinion on this video.

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