An adorable video of a little girl preparing dinner.

The screenshot is taken from a video posted on Instagram by @natalieandbruna

Cooking is an art and an art practice. It is a complex skill that can take years to learn, with countless ways to perfect your craft. There are many types of cooking and so many different types of ingredients, which all have their characteristics and needs for preparation.

Cooking is one of my favorite hobby activities to do. I have learned so much from cooking and made many friends through the experience. I love it when I can enjoy my food by eating and appreciating the experience.

But today in this blog post, I am going to talk about a little cute girl cooking food.

This video was uploaded on Instagram by a user named NatalieandBruna.

At the beginning of the popular video, the child is seen slicing veggies and placing them in a boiler.

She puts a carrot on the veggie tray and eats it as she cooks. The girl then puts the chicken pieces in the air fryer. She also heats a package of rice in the microwave and adds oil and apple cider vinegar to the steamed vegetables.

After waiting for a while, the girl is seen spooning the rice into a dish and trying the steamed vegetables.

The video ultimately shows the prepared meal being enjoyed by the girl and her mother.

This video has accumulated over 1 million views and 72K likes.

In my opinion, this video is cute, adorable, and amazing. It reminds me of my childhood days with my mom cooking for me.

It's heartwarming to see the child so enthusiastic about her hobby. She puts in a lot of effort and dedication to the experience, which is evident by how she eats a carrot as she cooks and when she tastes the food.

It’s a nice way to let children know that they too can enjoy cooking and eating. Once you start, you will discover how much fun it is to cook.

What I loved about this video is how the girl keeps trying to get the best out of her food.

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