The little girl is nearly attacked by a sea lion after her parents decide to record her.


Any animal can sometimes be unpredictable. They have a mind of their own and they don't always react the way you expect them to. They may run away when you try to approach them, or they may even attack when you're trying to feed them.

Animals of all kinds may be unexpected at times. Animals, whether domesticated or wild, may be unpredictable. Among the most recent examples is a video of a sea lion almost attacking a little girl.

The little video was posted on Reddit. It depicts a little girl sitting on the back of a sea lion so that her parents may take a picture of her. However, the sea lion appears to turn around and nearly attack the little girl a few seconds later.

The video ends with a tumble by the child. She is also seen being picked up by a man who seems to be the girl's father, who rushes over and moves her away from the animal.

The video has received more than 20k upvotes and over 1200 comments since it was uploaded. People on the Internet criticized parents who let their little children mount wild animals.

One user wrote: "I live in a country area and there are a lot of animals around here. never once growing up did my dad ever let me try to ride an animal that weighed 200x more than me. Seriously if that sea lion seriously started attacking that child, the parents would’ve been helpless to stop it. Risking your child’s life for a "cute" picture".

Based on my opinion, Animals of all kinds may be unpredictable. Although we see most animals every day, they are still wild animals, and there is no way to know how they will react in every situation.

Sea lions are wild animals, so it's not a good idea to pet them in any way.

It is a good idea to be cautious around wild animals. Don't ever try to feed or touch them yourself.

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