A guy abandoned my friend after seeing her financial status.


**This is a work of non-fiction based on an actual event told to me by my friend who experienced this first-hand; used with permission.

"MONEY," "WEALTH," "PROPERTY," etc., are things everybody needs for a living. But living only with wealthy people is wrong. Based on my opinion, this is a very common case where people with low wealth get humiliated by those who have enough.

Is it right to abandon someone just because they aren't wealthy or don't have good financial status?

My friend had a crush on a guy. They were both parts of a college band group where she played drums, and he played guitar.

She knew that he was very rich and wouldn't like her because she was poor. As she knew, status fantasizes for some people. Even though she liked him, she started living away from him as she knew it wouldn't work.

She is a very attractive girl in the band. She was the girl who would stand out for herself.

But as she told me, he got physically attracted to her and tried to get closer. He was unaware of her status and background.

In the beginning, she tried to avoid him, but she couldn't, and later they got into a relationship. Sometimes he would ask her to do video calls, but she always denied it because she lived in a small house and was ashamed of showing it to him, as he lived in a bungalow.

Most of the time, she had to act like a rich kid because she was afraid of losing him. Because of him, she started arguing with her parents to give her more money. She even sometimes hated herself for being born into a poor family. Every time she used to fantasize about being rich and getting married to him because even she knew that she couldn't marry him.

This relationship changed her way of thinking. She started faking herself. And forgot who she was. But no relationship can be built by faking it. One day, he got to know that she was a poor girl, and all these days, he had dated someone who could never match his level. She was devastated. It broke her completely.

Most people these days look for money and status, but in my opinion, a good heart is a real thing everybody should be looking for. Because money may not buy happiness, sometimes you just need peace of mind, which only someone with a good heart can provide.

We should never abandon someone by just seeing her or his status. There is much more that one should look at in a person other than money and wealth.

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