Opinion: Do on-and-off relationships work?


*This is a work of non-fiction based on an actual event told to me by my cousin who experienced this first-hand; used with permission.

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Do on-and-off relationships work? It is a little hard to decide unless you have personally experienced it.

I heard a few instances and chose the best one to conclude how I feel about on and off relationships. It’s a very short story about my cousin, who had a relationship of such kind, which later turned super toxic.

She got into a relationship. In their relationship, everything was quite bubbly in the beginning; they would spend time together, have fun, and whatnot.

After a month, issues started between them both. They started complaining about each other. Things were not the same as they used to be in the beginning. Yet they would somehow manage to console each other.

After every fight, they would apologize. But these struggles could only save their relationship for another month. And finally, her boyfriend decided to take a break. She agreed to him, and both of them parted their ways for some days.

As she mentioned to me, they were away for just 18 days, and later on, he thought it was enough and they could manage things like before. Again, after 18 days, they got back together. And this time too, things were not the same, like everything was good until... well when the problems started (approximately after 3 weeks).

He again decided to part ways temporarily. This time my cousin didn’t want to do this. She either wanted to finish this relationship or had decided to somehow put effort into making their relationship work. Yet they agreed to what he said and started living separately.

They live apart for almost two months and then get back together. And unfortunately, this time too, this "break" thing didn’t work. And Neha was all done with this break thing and decided to end her relationship.

So they broke up. And currently, she is married. She is living her marital life so happily. She mentioned that she feels like she has now found her person and that everything is smooth.

In my opinion, if you find the right person, then you will never have to find ways like this to make your relationship work. You don’t have to take breaks in between to feel the same way as you used to feel in the beginning. Everything feels awesome with the right person. And if you are with the wrong person, then no amount of effort will make your relationship work.

And according to me, you should only go for on-and-off relationships if you feel you are putting effort into finding the right one. Anyway, that was my opinion. Do share yours.

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