A guy broke up their relationship by doubting her in a long-distance relationship.


**This is a work of non-fiction based on an actual event told to me by my friend who experienced this first-hand; used with permission.

The term "long-distance relationship" is commonly used today to describe any romantic relationship formed by two people who live apart. It is also a popular choice for young people or college students, especially

The reasons for these relationships vary from person to person but can be anything from living in different cities or countries to not wanting to settle down yet. Whatever the reason, being in a long-distance relationship is tough for both parties during the times when they are apart.

Due to the lack of proximity, LDR couples find it hard to spend time together. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and confusion as people begin to question whether their partner truly loves them or if they are just in it for "the chase".

The same thing happened with one of my friends. I talked with him while trying to find new stories about relationships.

He told me that they were classmates. The girl started the initial feelings.

According to their mutual friend, Sammy (not her real name; she is my friend and also a mutual link between them), the first time that girl saw him, she decided that she wanted him. She started fantasizing about him every day, waiting for his single glimpse.

He was unaware of these feelings until he met her one day in the park. Their first meeting was well planned by her. She enlisted the help of their mutual friend to call him to the park.

Everything happened as she wanted it to be. He came, and she was extremely happy. They both sat on a bench and talked for around 30 minutes. He could sense what she felt for him in this small meeting itself.

From that day, even he started feeling a bit for her. Days passed, and they would just sit together and stare at each other. This seemed like a happy beginning. They met several times, and feelings started growing inside the guy. He never thought he would love any girl this way. He turned out to be a very protective and caring boyfriend.

he had fallen in love with her and would do anything to get her. Even she had the same kind of feeling until they were in the same city. Days passed, and they both graduated from high school and applied to different colleges.

She chose the medical field, and he went into engineering. And finally, they had to leave that city and move to different cities to continue their education.

They decided to make their long-distance work. Things were good for 1 month, and later issues started. She met different people and started giving some time to her new friends too, and she would give less time to him.

But according to him, nothing brought any change in him. He still worked hard all day and just waited until the evening to talk to her.

But most of the time, she used to be out with her friends and hardly answered his calls. This act by his girlfriend would hurt him every day. She was still into him but could not give him proper time.

He started thinking that she was not in love with me anymore. He started checking on her with the help of her old mutual friend who went into the same medical field. And he did not like the way she used to hang out with her friends and started doubting that she was probably already dating someone else.

According to their mutual friend, Sammy, one day, he broke out on her, said everything, was angry, and abused her very badly. She tried to convince him by saying that they were just friends, but he didn’t listen.

So, do you think it's possible to keep a long-distance relationship going?

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