Opinion: Some of my classmates started judging me when I got good marks. 


*This is a work of non-fiction based on an actual event experienced by me firsthand; used with permission.

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When people start judging you when you are good at something, they don't see the hard work you are doing. It is annoying.

This happened to me several times. When I get good marks in exams, some of my classmates start talking from behind, spreading rumors that I am getting question papers from seniors.

But this is not true. They don't see me when I am working hard; they just talk and spread rumors.

You know, sometimes wrong rumors can also ruin so many things in your life.

When you gossip with your friends and then they pass this news on to others, it becomes a rumor. And everybody will talk about it. And then one day, if somebody else also believes this, it becomes a lie.

People are not even afraid to spread lies as false as a mountain. I think that there is nothing better than spreading rumors and lies all the time, saying 'Oh! I didn't say that! or 'I didn't know that! '

When you are good at something, people will try to make you look bad. I am not saying that it is a bad thing to be good at something; I am just speaking about the jealousy of people. I have observed this on many occasions.

If you are good, people will try to belittle you all the time.

So I feel bad when they spread rumors about me. But I never say a word.

I know that rumors are everywhere. I know it is one of my weaknesses, so I try not to give too much importance to these things. I know it is not easy to control your emotions, but if you control your emotions, then you can live a good life.

I think that every person should have the right to be happy.

I know that everybody is not able to be happy all the time, but I am just saying that we should not forget about the happiness of people. It is our duty as human beings to look after one another and spread happiness in this world.

After I had finished my exams and the results were announced, I was happy, but I was sad at the same time.

I was happy because I had passed the exams.

And then, very soon, everyone started spreading rumors that I had gotten a very high mark just because of the question paper

It hurts when people spread false information about you. When you become good at something and people start spreading rumors, it is bad.

So I just want to tell you that before judging anyone, we should at least see their hard work.

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