Opinion: People change, and bad things happen, yet life continues.


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When we are little, it is easy to see things in black and white. You are either happy or sad; you have something or don't. You're either at the top of your game, in the middle of your game, or on your way down.

But as we get older, reality starts to set in: there are no clear cut lines between one thing and another - everything simply overlaps into one big ball of messiness. Our lives are a constantly changing cycle of ups and downs, good feelings and bad feelings, gains and losses. At times we feel invincible, and at other times, we feel helpless; those two opposites do not cancel each other out but instead exist together.

Loss is a part of life. Death, divorce, losing a loved one, getting fired from your job - you name it. You will deal with loss or the fear of loss at some point in your life. But loss does not have to mean the end. Life goes on.

It may seem like the loss in your life will never subside. Maybe you are dealing with a very big loss, such as a death or divorce, that has yet to be finalized, or you have a smaller-scale loss that is just now setting in ("the grieving process takes time").

It's OK if you are feeling sad or depressed; this is just part of the cycle of life. But know that you will get through it. You're not alone in this. There are people all over the world who are living and dealing with loss every day.

Don't be afraid of losing again; you're OK. You may lose, but that doesn't mean you will die; it's just another part of life. If a loss is what has brought us to this point, everything else yet to come can only make us stronger than we were before the loss occurred.

There are many great life lessons to be learned from loss:

  • How to live in the present and appreciate what you have right now.
  • Take your time before making a decision.
  • To not take things for granted because they may come to an end.
  • That things are not always permanent even if they feel like it is; nothing lasts forever.
  • To remain humble and grounded while dealing with success and failure - both of which are part of life.
  • That life goes on.
  • That no matter what happens, you will always survive.

That's the key... making it through no matter what you lose.

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