Opinion: Signs that someone isn't really in love with you


** This blog post is based on my thinking and my opinion.

Everyone desires to be loved, but sometimes we get drawn in by those who want something from us. It’s essential to discern our love because sometimes the person you’re dating may not love you.

Some red flags could mean that your partner is just using you for your good and will eventually leave for someone better.

One thing I would like to say before starting this blog post is based on my opinion and thinking….

So take a look at these 7 signs someone is faking their love for you, and exercise caution before becoming too invested!

1. The person is constantly complaining

A constantly complaining person is most likely trying to get something from you.

By continually asking for a favor and asking for approval, your partner says they want something in return. This isn’t good because you’ll be stuck with them if they don’t receive what they’re looking for.

And you know what’s even worse? They may regret their actions and go all the way out of their way to apologize, even though they probably didn’t mean it.

2. The person is bored with you all the time and never wants to spend time together

If your partner isn’t entertained by what you’re doing, then they’re most likely bored or trying to move on from you.

And if you’re not entertaining them, then they’re probably not going to stick around for a long time.

This is one of the biggest red flags that someone fakes their love for you. If they don’t like what you’re doing, they’ll move on! Don’t try and force yourself to be something you’re not because this will make things worse!

3. They constantly talk about the future but don’t invest in the relationship

Suppose your partner constantly talks about how they want to be with you forever, marry you, and have babies with you without being present in the relationship. In that case, they’re probably faking their love for you.

If they’re always talking about being in a family with you, but they don’t do anything to make it a reality, they most likely aren’t invested in the relationship.

You’re probably just another person in their life, and they’ll move on to someone who will appreciate them. Don’t fall for this trap!

4. They constantly compare you to other people

If your partner is always trying to compare you to someone else and make you feel like there’s something wrong with you, they’re probably faking their love for you.

This is a big sign that they don’t want to be with you because they’re constantly finding flaws in the relationship that can be fixed. Of course, there are some flaws in every relationship, but if you’re constantly being compared to other people, your partner is most likely just trying to find an excuse to move on.

5. They always talk about their past relationships and make you feel like an idiot

If your partner regularly brings up past relationships and makes you feel like an idiot, then they’re probably not in love with you. This is mainly because they want to make sure that the relationship works out this time around, so they won’t have to deal with another divorce or breakup.

You can tell that they’re not actually in love with you because they constantly bring up past relationships. If they had been in love with you the first time around, why would they keep bringing them up every single time?

6. They just tell you “I love you” to get something

This is one of the most common signs that your partner is faking their love for you. If they’re constantly telling you that they love you and showering you with gifts but never actually give back to the relationship, this is a huge problem.

For example, if your partner constantly buys things for you but doesn’t want to spend time with you or doesn’t have space in the relationship, then they’re probably faking their love.

They can just tell you this and have you believe them without doing anything at all. This is a huge red flag that your partner is just using you for their good.

7. They’re always trying to convince you to do things that are not good for the relationship

This is another very common sign of faking. If someone is constantly trying to convince you to do things that aren’t good for the relationship, then it’s likely because they want something out of the relationship, like money or anything.

If your partner is constantly trying to get something, then they’re probably faking their love for you.

Well, this was my opinion. I would like to hear your opinion also, and if there is any sign of faking love, you can share it with us.

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