Opinion: A person's mind can make them successful or miserable.


The mind is a fascinating thing. It can be our worst enemy or our best friend. A person's mind can make them successful or miserable, happy or sad, and everything in between. In the end, a person's life is determined by what they do with their thoughts.

We can't always control our thoughts; they often come and go without warning. However, we can choose what we do with them when they show up. We can choose to entertain them, feed into them and make ourselves miserable or tame them, control our attention span, change the direction of our thoughts, and use that energy towards more positive things in life.

Where our attention goes, our energy follows. This can be translated into the rest of our lives in many ways. We choose what to focus on and ignore, so we must realize that every thought we have is important as long as it doesn't go beyond the point of distraction.

The only way to truly control your thoughts is with positive ones. When you think about someone you love, this is a positive thought. This is another positive thought when you think about making your life better or improving your situation. It's all about the intention behind it that makes it positive.

How you apply, the thought is important. If you think about someone you love, it can be to find a way to be with them, or it could be to torture yourself with the fact that they left you and might never come back. It all depends on how you choose to think.

Imagine your mind as a garden. There are many different types of thoughts growing in it at any given time. Some plants are thriving while others are sickly or even dead. The thriving plants are there because you've chosen to feed and nurture them, while the sickly ones have been neglected. We must take the time to tend and care for our garden.

Take some time to breathe and relax, think positive thoughts, appreciate life so that your positive plants will flourish. Take time to do something meaningful each day.

Our mind is a very powerful tool, and it can either be used to empower or destroy us, depending on what we choose to focus on.

Here are a few simple things I do to tame my thoughts and use them for more productive things in my life:

  • Write down what you are grateful for each day and look at it before you sleep at night to meditate on those things.
  • Learn to meditate to help you deal with stress and negativity in life.
  • Don't spend time with people who bring you down.
  • Stay away from negative television shows.
  • Spend time doing things you love like photography, writing, playing an instrument, or spending time with your family and friends.

If we can control our thoughts, we can change our lives for the better because they will no longer control us. We will be able to change our lives and make them better than they were before.

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Second-year medical student, I always see my life from a positive aspect, so trying to make some face smile by writing some lines about happiness.


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