6 Ways Gratitude Makes You Gorgeous

Sabriga Turgon

Before products and styles and techniques, comes radiance

You’ve heard it a million times: Changing your thoughts does you a world of good.

Dr. Caroline Leaf says, “75% to 95% of the illnesses that plague us today are a direct result of our thought life.”

So if you’re longing for someone to say, “Dang! You look great! What’s your secret?” try a little gratitude as your elixir of youth.

Regularly — and frequently — expressing gratitude develops a mental state that increases good health, making you look and feel better. Which then leads to feeling hopeful, which leads to more positivity in your life, which means being brighter, more magnetic, and energetic.

And that means you’re even more gorgeous!

Turns out that consistently acknowledging the good in your life shows in your hair, nails, and skin. Gratitude increases the quality of your sleep, the quantity of your energy, and the length of your life.

Let us count the ways:



Expressing and acknowledging gratitude helps you relax more, and that makes you sleep better. Getting enough sleep means more to your body than just having enough energy to get through the day. Sleep gives your body time to rest, recoup, and repair.

People notice when you’re rested, and when you’re not. Maybe that’s because when you sleep well, you have

· Fewer wrinkles

· A more glowing complexion

· Brighter eyes and less bags under them

· Healthier, fuller hair

And if those aren’t enough reasons to hit the hay earlier and stay snuggled in longer, here’s another one: beauty products work better when you’re rested.

Who knew that gratitude can positively affect your budget by reducing the need to purchase fewer beauty/cosmetic products?!

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Depression, fatigue, and lethargy can make a sunny day black — at least in your head. And trying to start or stay with a new regime of any kind when you’re tired, hopeless, or drained is a sure recipe for failure for most of us.

Smiling at the positive places in your life actually promotes energy in your body. Even if you just look in the mirror and smile, it releases the feel-good chemicals: endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Feeling good creates energy.

Increased energy means we can make positive changes, like diet and exercise. We build our feeling-goodness into a positive feedback cycle of having energy that translates into body and mind improvements that translate into feeling good and having more energy.

Plus, the energy we create is positive, which moves us away from debilitating feelings of anger, resentment, frustration, regret, or envy.

You know that scowl you get when you’re pissed off? Not at all attractive. When you change your thoughts to gratitude, the scowl goes and bright eyes, shiny skin, and can-do attitude will have the world turning its head to watch you.



It’s no secret that exercise isn’t just good for us—it can be lifesaving. When you consistently express gratitude in your life, for your life, you have more energy. And that easily translates into feeling more inspired to get to the gym, stretch in your living room, take a jog, ride your bike, or walk instead of drive the car.

In case you’ve been asleep for the past forty years or so since the personal fitness trend started, here are eight vital reasons to get your exercise groove in gear:

1. Control your weight

2. Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease

3. Reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome

4. Reduce your risk of some cancers

5. Strengthen your bones and muscles

6. Improve your mental health and mood

7. Improve your ability to do daily activities and prevent falls, if you’re an older adult

8. Increase your chances of living longer

And exercise reduces your risk of death by about 20%-35% — a tune most people like the sound of.



Giving a regular bow to what’s good in your life promotes a positive perspective that helps you do more good things for yourself — like eating well. And avoiding toxic anything.

Nutrition is the basis of health. Anyone struggling with disease or physical problems will tell you that the famous saying, “If you have your health, you have everything,” is so, so true. When we have good health we forget what it’s like to struggle through every single day with illness or wounds.

Eating well is most people’s go-to first step toward feeling better. As Shonda Rhimes says in her amazing book A Year of Yes, she learned to drop the bucket of fried chicken, love salads, and then lost 117 pounds. That allowed her to gallop down the hall with her three-year old on her back — something that would have given her a heart attack before she embraced exercise and diet.

Eating well helps prevent a host of illnesses — from cancer to cardiovascular disease, from osteoporosis to obesity, from sugar addiction to sucking in cigarette smoke. Research shows that when people practice gratitude, it even helps with neuromuscular issues.

Preventing physical illness helps increase our emotional health, too, because we’re more able to cope with stress. People with a sense of wellbeing have better cardiac health.

Gratitude makes us happier, more peaceful and hopeful, so we focus more on doing/eating what is good for us.



“Oh, he died so young.” “She left us before she’d done everything she wanted with her life.”

Want to stick around for a long time so you can achieve your goals, leave a legacy, or grow a family?

Smiling and expressing gratitude will help you with that. Acknowledging the good in our lives, every day and multiple times a day, gives us more time to live.

“Gratitude is the foundation of joy.” The applause you give to what’s great, good, or genuinely positive reduces your stress, increases health, and stimulates hope.



If finding stuff to be grateful for in your life is difficult, I have a question for you: when did you last engage in laugh-out-loud play?

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing competitive sports, playing Twister with your friends or Candy Land with your kids, or making music with others — play spurs your imagination. When your imagination is lit up, so are your problem-solving abilities and emotional wellbeing.

And what happens when you play? You laugh, run, or soar with inspiration, all of which increases your circulation, reduces toxins in your body (and mind), improves overall health, and makes you shine.

Gratitude is the single easiest, cheapest, and most available beauty product on the market.

Get yours now — it’s always on sale!

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