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5 Climate-Saving Powerhouses Spreading Their Branches

Sabriga Turgon

Follow their example, upgrade your neighborhood, nurture our planet

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All over the world, increasing numbers of people, organizations, and countries are working to save trees from the onslaught of human greed and destruction. Check out these five climate-saving powerhouses who use reforestation to branch out into their communities, uplift lives, and bring back climate health.

Everyone can make a difference by planting trees — these folks are showing us how to get it done!


Tree People works every day in a city of nearly 4 million people that’s famous for excess, waste, and destruction. Around the city of Los Angeles, they plant trees to increase community health, beauty, and safety. If you’ve ever flown into Los Angeles, the aerial view is one of vast grey, concrete expanses stretching from mountains to ocean. Tree People wants clusters of green-topped trees to break up that view, and in the process increase planetary wholeness and individual well-being.



The Clinton Development Initiative and its Trees of Hope Project in Malawi, Rwanda, and Tanzania has already enrolled 2,300 farmers who have planted 2.6 million trees that have sequestered 200,000 tons of CO2. Imagine what they’ll do in the next year!



The Green Belt Movement was founded in 1977 by the late Nobel Peace Prize winner, Prof. Wangari Maathai. This organization started as a response to the desperation of Kenyan women who saw streams drying up, crops struggling, and their search for firewood taking longer and longer. Since the women banded together under Prof. Maathai’s leadership, over 51 million trees have been planted.



Plant For The Planet is a German organization led by children for children. They have over 100,000 children worldwide who participate in planting trees and educating adults. Over 30,000 children between 9 years and 12 years old have become Ambassadors for Climate Justice; many speak at events and to organizations. This wonderful organization has multiple tactics for greening the planet. Who knew that supporting tree planting could be so delicious? Check out their chocolate project and every other wonderful thing they do!



Global Ministries is a Christian-based organization working around the world for many things, one of which is environmental education and food security. They are constantly looking for “…more ways to educate its members, especially young people, about the importance of being good stewards of creation and with practical strategies for doing so.” Their Tree Farm Project in China teaches multi-storied agriculture techniques on a single piece of land to grow multiple species of plants that mutually benefit each other. They’ve planted ilex trees, palm trees, and honeysuckle trees that grow perfectly in the local climate, and are for medicinal uses as well as raw materials for fabric, rubber, and wood products.


You, too, can be a powerhouse of global reforestation!

You can plants trees that foster greater planetary health, bring hope to people affected by climate change and corporate destruction, and increase the chance that your children’s children will live on a thriving planet.

What if we measured wealth by the number of trees we planted?

Increase your riches, plant a tree today!

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