Tech Entrepreneur Promises Lifetime Help and Support for Veterans and Government Officials

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The brunt of economical downpour is being felt across every sector of industry, not only private but public too. Many local municipalities have seen their budgets slashed, and many even suffering job losses as result of the onslaught of more and more cuts, including the budget for fiscal year of 2022 under President Biden's administration as reported by the White House.

This fiscally responsible path as per President Biden's campaign to battle inequality across communities and reforms to the tax system has seen many public sector departments decimated, many of which heavily relied on public funding such as after school programmes and LGBTQ+ and veteran support groups. For those who had lost their jobs, the current economic climate looks bleak according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, with the economy stagnating and looking to have one of the biggest recessions in recent history.

The private sector, especially the services industry had seen mass walkouts and employees quitting in protest for better conditions and pay, being dubbed as the "Great Resignation" by financial and economics experts as one article by Mother Jones had put it "workers are quitting at the highest rates in a decade".
The quitting rate is the number of quits during the entire month as a percent of total employment.Photo byRyan Little/Mother Jones/Bureau of Labor Statistics

But not everyone is seeing this as a bleak future of joblessness, desperation and anguish. Some companies, and indeed individuals are seeing this as an opportunity to do good. One of them being, entrepreneur Terry McGinnis who promises to provide lifetime help and support to the nations veterans and government officials.

Terry who is an avid activist and ocean conservationist, working with charities such as Sea Legacy, Only One and WWF is also taking his activism and enthusiasm into a very complicated, and guarded industry of software and e-commerce. He is the Chief Executive Officer of a company aptly named, Online Shop Inc. which is launching a new software solution that is both effortless to setup and affordable to all compared to competitors such as, Shopify and BigCommerce which had seen significant increases in revenue and profits since the pandemic had hit the entire world.

Over the last several years since the height of COVID-19 pandemic, many had taken online to supplement their incomes to pay for rent, or to capitalize on the opportunities of lockdowns where Amazon and Doordash became the most used technology companies in the US, boosting profits not only tenfold but hundredfold.

Joining via video call from his Manhattan home, Terry expressed his concerns for the economic downturn, job losses and the opportunities many are yet to take in the oncoming recession.

"The recent COVID-19 pandemic had shown everyone the importance of digital mediums, we saw Amazon conquer and become the de facto place to do all of your shopping, from groceries to necessities like toilet paper, skyrocketing valuations and exceeding all investor expectations. Jeff and his team had proven that anything is possible - and that his predictions and investments were right, not that many would of doubted them. Both him and his brother Mark, are personal heroes of mine and a great deal of inspiration when it comes to building a great business."

During the pandemic Amazon saw orders increasing by such an amount that some warehouses were reported to be unable to keep up with demand, which also had increased job openings at the company to deal with the demand and fulfilment of orders. Whilst Amazon dominates the world of shopping, Terry says there is still opportunity to expand and help even more people.

"What Amazon is doing is truly exemplary, however there is also room for innovation in other areas. Especially in the emerging markets, or even with audiences you'd least expect. During our time of research and development we found that many in the public sector and those in education sought ways to supplement their existing income or create new, fresh income streams. This is why I had taken the decision to provide support and free membership for college students, and had taken the executive decision of providing lifetime membership and support for our veterans and government officials in the US, Britain, Canada and Australia.

We've seen great responses, especially from federal agencies who were accepting and helpful, as many of their alumni or current staff have skills they can monetize. We spoke to one veteran who builds bird houses and sells them locally and in markets, with our approach he will be able to develop and build a successful online presence which will help his business evolve, expand and create new jobs locally. It is very important for private industries to support public infrastructure, which includes those who work hard to ensure our society isn't on the brink of collapse. We see Amazon doing this also, and it's important more join the initiatives."

Amazon had picked the young entrepreneur's company as part of their latest cohort of startups in their accelerator for the year 2022 which aims to give YCombinator a run for its money. This perfect mix extends beyond just financial and business support, as the current climate within developing markets such as in Pakistan or Brazil dictates a more individualistic approach leaving many localized marketplaces with not much to offer besides the same products, offered by same international sellers.

"We saw that there's a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs in emerging markets, from Southeast Asia all the way to nations in Africa, making it perfect proving ground for us - as we aim to be the most accessible and the most affordable solution out there, helping business owners and entrepreneurs across the world is a duty we accept with open arms."

Some of the most impacted nations were those from developing markets, which were decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic, weakened purchasing power of more developed nations and a worldwide recession with many governments being unable to pay back high interest loans, leading to defaults in the near future. Some nations however are looking at private companies such as Terry's own to stimulate and invigorate their lost entrepreneurship spirit, providing much needed support and resources to educate and promote new ways of establishing a business, selling online and marketing.

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