Hate Crimes Should Be Reported But Often Are Not

S. F. Mori

Love should be exercised but not hate

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Love makes the world go round, but hate makes the world stop. People's lives can be ruined by hate. There are too many incidents of hate in the United States on a daily basis.

Most violent crimes against other people are likely the result of hate of some sort. The Federal Government realized some years ago that there were certain crimes which were the result of hate because of discrimination, bias, bigotry, and racism. They created a "hate crime" classification which made some crimes more serious offenses.

Diversity should be accepted and appreciated in the United States. There are many races and ethnicities along with different lifestyles which should be tolerated by the general public. Often they are not, and a hate crime may occur.

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According to California's hate crime laws, a hate crime is defined as a criminal act committed, in part or in whole, because of one or more of the following actual or perceived characteristics of the victim of the hate crime: Disability, Gender, Nationality, Race or Ethnicity, Religion, Sexual Orientation, or Association with a person or group of persons with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.

Hate crimes may include these types of crimes: Vandalism, Theft, Criminal Threats, or Physical violence against a person of another race, religion, sexual orientation, or with a disability. Murders are sometimes hate crimes.

It is a well known fact that hate crimes against people of Asian backgrounds in the United States greatly escalated after the COVID pandemic started and certain political leaders blamed China. Asian Americans became the target of many hate incidents and racial rants.

Hate crimes continue to be a huge problem in the United States with hate being evident on a daily basis. Hate crimes should be reported to the authorities so that they can be stopped as much as possible.

[Reference: Reporting Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents, flyer put out by the Irvine Police Department, Irvine, California]

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