A Japanese American Exhibit Continues at the Utah State Capitol

S. F. Mori

About the Topaz Camp during World War II

Topaz Camp Memorial Marker(Image is author's)

During World War II, Japanese Americans and immigrants from Japan who were living in the United States faced extreme racism and discrimination. Thousands who lived on the West Coast of the continental United States were forced to leave their homes and live in camps.

They were seen as the enemy although most of these people were American citizens who were patriotic and loyal to the United States. They were incarcerated in the camps for the duration of the war. Then they were sent out to resume their lives.

There were ten camps built in the United States in remote and desolate areas of the country. One such camp was called The Topaz Camp. It was outside the town of Delta, Utah. There is now an exhibit at the Utah State Capitol which tells the stories of some of the residents at Topaz during World War II.

Utah State Capitol(Image is author's)

The exhibit is titled "Topaz Stories." These personal stories will be on display at the Utah State Capitol through the end of the year 2022. The stories may be accessed and read online at www.topazstories.com.

The public is invited and encouraged to visit the display to learn about this little-known part of American history. It was a period when American citizens were not protected by the Constition. It is also possible to visit the Topaz Museum in downtown Delta, Utah.

Japanese Americans want to share the history of the World War II camps so that the general public can become educated about their story. They do not want any other American citizens or others to suffer from racism such as they did by being incarcerated unjustly in camps.

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