Deer Roam Freely at Many Golf Courses in Utah

S. F. Mori

You may see them when you least expect it
Golfing With Deer Around(Image is author's)

With the warm weather of Summer upon us, people are out on the golf courses regularly. Golf is a very popular sport and pastime for men and women of all ages as well as young children. It is a healthy way to get some exercise while enjoying fresh air and sunshine.

There are often wildlife seen on golf courses. Deer roam freely on many golf courses in Utah and throughout the United States. They don't seem to be bothered by the golfers as they graze on the green grass of the golf courses. The deer may run away from the humans, but usually they seem unphased by them.
Deer on a Golf Course(Image is author's)

It is as if they belong there. The golfers play their rounds normally even with the deer close by. They don't bother each other. They go about their business as usual. The golfers golf, and the deer eat the grass. They are generally not afraid of each other.
Deer at the Golf Course(Image is author's)

The deer may even appear as if they are posing for photos as they can stand without moving while golfers take their pictures.
Deer at the Golf Course(Image is author's)

When the COVID pandemic started, golf courses closed for a short time. Then they used safety precautions such as sanitizing all carts and equipment. They only allowed one person per cart unless the people lived in the same household. They required masks to be worn in enclosed areas.

Those days are gone, and golf courses around the world are considered as being fairly safe even though COVID has not left.
Deer on the Golf Course(Image is author's)

There are sometimes whole groups or families of deer on the golf courses. The deer were present throughout the pandemic and seem to be enjoying the golf courses in the warmer weather.

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