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Bonneville Boulevard In Salt Lake City is Back to Normal

S. F. Mori

Erosion caused the road to be damaged
Erosion came during a storm(Image is author's)

There is a one-way road in Salt Lake City by the name of Bonneville Boulevard. Automobile traffic can enter the road where 11th Avenue ends going west. Turning right puts you on the one-way street which comes out just above the Utah State Capitol. It is actually a two-lane street, but the other side is for foot traffic and bicycles. People walking or riding bicycles can go either direction on that particular side of the street. It is a popular area for walking dogs.

The road goes through the City Creek Canyon area. There are hills and trails on both sides of the road. A service road just below the road goes to Memory Grove. People may walk there.

During a heavy rainstorm one night, part of the road became damaged as some of the side of the road caved in with the rain. It was at the very edge of the road which goes down a cliff on the hill. It was the side for walkers. Cement barriers were placed at the scene while workers restored the road.
A race went around the wash out area(Image is author's)

There was a race held during the time that the road was being repaired. The road was closed that day to traffic. People in the race went around the barrier and possibly wondered how that happened.
The road has been repaired and is back to normal(Image is author's)

There was a period of time when the road was closed as crews worked to fix the portion of the road which had been damaged. Cold temperatures delayed some of the work, but the road was restored to normal. It is now accessible for road traffic to the Capitol side of City Creek Canyon as well as for foot traffic and bicycles on one side of the road.

It is a place where many people enjoy the beauties of nature and the outdoors.

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Salt Lake City, UT

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