Bird Watching Is a Popular Pastime Even in the Winter

S. F. Mori

There are birds which come in the snow
Birds come in the Winter(Image is author's)

Activities which are normally done in the warm weather months may have to be curtailed when Winter comes with its snow and cold. That does not have to happen with the popular pastime of watching birds. There are many people who have bird feeders in their yards so that they are able to watch the various birds which come to eat.

During the Winter months, people may put out feed for the birds and watch them through the window as they sit in their warm homes.

Unlike hummingbirds which fly south to warmer climates during the colder months of the year, some birds will spend the Winter months in the colder areas. The weather does not seem to affect them as they come to feed even in snowy and cold weather.

Birdwatching, or birding, is the observing of birds, either as a recreational activity or as a form of citizen science. A birdwatcher may observe by using their naked eye, by using a visual enhancement device like binoculars or a telescope, by listening for bird sounds, or by watching public webcams. [Wikipedia]
Snow does not keep the birds away(Image is author's)

People watch the tiny birds come and go. They may wonder how they survive in the cold weather.

How do birds survive in very cold temperatures? Shivering is one of the techniques birds use to survive cold temperatures. Birds shiver to raise their metabolic rate and generate more body heat as a short term solution to extreme cold. Many small birds can be seen hanging out in flocks. Huddling together, as with all animals, will help each bird to stay a little warmer. []
There are some big birds as well(Image is author's)

There are also some big birds which stay in the cold weather areas. Birds are fun to watch.

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