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Salt Lake City's Homeless Are Braving The Cold

S. F. Mori

There are still many sleeping on the streets
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Since they don't have a home, condo, apartment, or any shelter in which to live, the homeless make do with whatever they can find. Some have found small tents or make make-shift places where they can have a little refuge and where they will try to sleep at night.

Some fortunate ones are able to find temporary shelter in facilities that are specifically equipped to serve the homeless. The homeless people are provided with a place to shower, dress, and sleep. They are provided with food to eat and sometimes are taught how to get out of homelessness.
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As the cold weather comes during the Winter months and snowstorms appear in most parts of Utah, the homeless in Salt Lake City may have a difficult time staying warm. Although some are helped through various shelters and by nonprofits or other philanthropic organizations, there are some who fall through the cracks. They may not be able to find warmth and shelter during the harsh Winter weather. They are braving the elements and trying to survive.

Perhaps they do not want to adhere to the regulations which are required at homeless shelters and facilities. They may choose not to get into a warm building with rules or they may not find one that will accept them.

There may be some whose families would like them to come home if they could find them. They want to help family members who are homeless, but the homeless person may not contact them.

People often do not mind living on the streets and outdoors when there is warm weather, but the cold Winter months present difficult problems. Most homeless people would prefer to have shelter and a warm place to sleep, especially when there is freezing weather outdoors.

The police and others do try to assist the homeless people in the Winter when the weather becomes cold and harsh. They don't want people freezing to death as is possible in Utah. Homeless people have been known to be taken to jails where they can at least be warm and have some food to eat.

It has been reported at this holiday season that there are beds available in Salt Lake City where many of these homeless who are sleeping on the streets could receive temporary housing to get out of the cold. Unfortunately, some of the homeless facilities are currently understaffed with also a shortage of volunteers so that they are not able to service the homeless.

People who are able and willing to work are asked to apply for the positions. The people who work at those facilities are saying that the only requirement is a willingness to serve. It should be a good opportunity for some people who want to find work while helping a segment of the population who are homeless.

Homelessness is a serious problem for society, and it gets worse in the cold weather. They can have hope with people who are willing to help in some small way.
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[Reference: KSLTV News]

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