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Visit Frosty's Winter Wonderland in The Avenues of Salt Lake City

S. F. Mori

With amazing Christmas decorations
Avenues Home at Christmas(Image is author's)

It was at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when my wife and I were watching the news and saw the spectacularly decorated house at 805 East 18th Avenue in Salt Lake City. There was a news story on KSLTV which told about the house which has fabulous Christmas decorations. Since we live in the area of the State Capitol, we made sure to drive over to the Avenues area to look for the house and to check out the decorations, which are very impressive.

In talking with others, we find that many people are not aware of that house. Now we tell everyone we can about the house so that they can drive by to enjoy the decorations.
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The home has been named "Frosty's Winter Wonderland." Seeing it is a highlight for many during the holiday season in Salt Lake City.

Forrest Nunley is the homeowner who starts in October to get his house decorated for the Christmas season. He is sometimes out greeting visitors when they drive up to see his decorations. We did not see Mr. Nunley when we visited one evening, but we were able to speak to his friend. The friend told of decorating his home in Hooper, Utah, for Christmas. He said that he and Mr. Nunley often trade decorations so he was there to pick up some items to take to his home to complete his decorating.

Mr. Nunley began almost thirty years ago with a small yard display of what he calls a dozen blow mold Christmas decorations. He had no idea that his humble decorations would turn into a giant spectacular which it has become.
18th Avenue Home(Image is author's)

He works very hard on the display which takes him about 700 hours to complete for the Christmas season. He does it for the community to enjoy. He still collects items and adds about twenty new blow molds each year. Some of his decorations are from the 1950s.

Mr. Nunley said that "The Pandemic Year" of 2020 saw the display even more popular than previously. Perhaps because people could not go out and socialize, they liked to drive around and see the Christmas decorations around Salt Lake City. It seems to be similar this year with COVID still around.
House decorations(Image is author's)

Seeing the beautiful lights and decorations that people put up at their homes over the Christmas season is one of the most enjoyable parts of the holidays for many people. Taking a ride to the Avenues provides a memorable experience.

One visit to Frosty's Winter Wonderland may not be enough. It is enjoyable whenever one has the opportunity and privilege to see it. If you are in the Salt Lake City area and have not seen this house, it will be well worth the effort to visit it and view the decorations in person.

[Reference: Story by Andrew Adams on KSLTV News, December 2020]

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