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Was This Man in Salt Lake City Mentally Ill?

S. F. Mori

He was ranting and raving
Getting Food at Carl's Jr.(Image is author's)

It was hard to tell if the man who was ranting and yelling had some mental problems or if he happened to be simply angry.

When we had some time to fill before an appointment at an office store to have a computer checked, we decided to go to a nearby Carl's Jr. to get something to eat. As we drove into a parking space by the entrance to the restaurant, a man came out of the door. He started ranting and yelling. We were not sure if he were speaking to us, but he was looking at us.

The man appeared to be homeless. His clothes were dirty, and he looked unkempt. It was sad to see a person in that condition.

As he got closer, we could hear what he was saying while we were still sitting in the car. The man seemed quite angry. He was speaking to no one in particular. We were not sure who he was venting against. He started complaining about having to go to the bathroom and not being allowed to use the restroom at the Carl's Jr. He then started ranting about his ex-wife and said something about not being able to see a six-year-old girl.

We got out of the car and started walking toward the door to the restaurant. Another man walked up at that time and held the door open for us. We thanked him and went inside. He then held the door for the man who had been ranting. We were all inside until the man was asked to leave.
An Old Sign on the Wall(Image is author's)

The man had walked inside, but a woman working behind the counter immediately told him that she was going to call the police if he did not leave. He said, "Go ahead. Everything is going bad anyway." He went back outside as he continued to rant.

There was a sign that said restrooms were only for customers. The doors to the restrooms were locked, and an employee had to unlock the door when a customer requested to use the facilities.

The man who had held the door open ordered food. He asked the woman working there if the man came in regularly. He purchased some extra food for the man. We did not know if the other man received the food. When we went out later after finishing eating, the men were both gone.
Inside Carl's Jr.(Image is author's)

There are certain areas of the city where businesses regularly must put up with non-customers who come in wanting to use the restrooms. It is unfortunate that people must live that way. There are many who need help. Mental health may be an issue. The winter months will be especially hard for the people without a place to live as the weather is cold and snowy.

We might be able to help a little by possibly providing some food to ease their burden slightly. The man at Carl's Jr. who bought extra food for the other man was kind and caring. He tried to help.

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