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Salt Lake City's Second Major Snowstorm of the Season

S. F. Mori

It left a huge amount of snow
Over a foot of snow(Image is author's)

The night before the huge snowstorm which arrived during the night of December 14, 2021, in Utah, the weather reports on the early evening news said the snow would start at 11 pm and go through the night. The snow actually started hours earlier than that. By 11 pm, there were six inches of snow in the Capitol Hill area of Salt Lake City. The snowplows were seen already on the roads.
Six inches of snow at 11 pm(Image is author's)

The snow had stopped falling by the early morning hours. It was time to get out the snowblowers and snow shovels. Many people had to clear the snow from their cars and dig them out after parking on the streets. The snowplows came early so major streets were cleared. They may have piled up snow next to cars which had been left parked on the streets. It probably took a long time for snowplows to get to the residential areas.
Cars had to be uncovered(Image is author's)

The storm did make work for many people who needed to remove the snow from sidewalks, driveways, and cars. Most people realize that a little inconvenience comes with the snow, which is needed.
At least a foot of snow fell(Image is author's)

The world turned white in the Salt Lake Valley and throughout most of Utah during this very welcomed snowstorm. The world is beautiful with the snow.
Sunrise after the snowstorm(Image is author's)

The sun rose in the sky and made a beautiful scene after all that snow fell to the ground. Everyone is happy to have the snow, which means that it will provide water for future months. The skiers and snowboarders are especially glad to see so much snow. There will undoubtedly be a lot of snowmen made the freshly fallen snow.

It is important to stay home during snowstorms if possible and not drive. Those who do need to drive are cautioned to slow down and be more careful. The snow is beautiful, but it can be dangerous for driving and walking.

The snowstorm made a lot of people happy.

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