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Have You Seen The BIG, RED TREE By The Capitol?

S. F. Mori

It can be seen from our house
Big, Red Christmas Tree(Image is author's)

There is a large pine tree which can be seen by anyone driving or walking up by the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City during the evening hours. The tree is in someone's yard and is a spectacular sight when it is lit up at night with all the red lights.

The first day that we caught a glimpse of the big, red decorated Christmas tree was on November 13, 2021. We have lived in the area for two years and had never seen that tree decorated. This was the first time that the tree was featuring those brilliant, red lights. It was and is an impressive sight.

Our daughter and son-in-law were here visiting from California. They were surprised to see such a large tree covered with all those red lights. The tree is so tall that it must have been a huge job to decorate the tree. It likely cost a lot of money to have special equipment and workers to put lights on such a large tree.

We could see it from our house, and we took some photos. The next night the tree lights were not turned on so they must have been trying it out the previous night. It looked like a regular pine tree in the daylight. It was a big, live tree in someone's yard. They must have turned on the lights just that one night and waited until closer to Christmas to turn them back on for the world to see and enjoy.
The big tree without the lights turned on(Image is author's)

The tree is in the vicinity of the LDS Hospital. It looks like just a regular tree in the daylight when the lights are not turned on yet.

The lights were not turned on again until after Thanksgiving. Most homes in the area had put on their brightly colored Christmas lights on Thanksgiving night. We waited for the big, red tree to be lit up. We never saw the red lights on until perhaps a few days after Thanksgiving had come and gone.

Then one night the red lights were on, and the impressive tree could be seen by people driving by the Capitol and across the City Creek Canyon area. It is a beautiful addition to the decorations of Christmas in the Capitol Hill area.
Red tree by LDS Hospital(Image is author's)

The big, red tree stands out and has become a talking point. People in the neighborhood have been mentioning the red tree. Although they don't know who owns that tree, neighbors have been thanking them through neighborhood chat groups online.

Thank you, Neighbors, for lighting up your tree and bringing Christmas joy.


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