My Friend Who Suffered From Depression

S. F. Mori

You would not have guessed it
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This person was a kind and caring friend to my wife and me. She regularly sent birthday cards to anyone she considered a friend. She also sent Christmas cards to many people. Most did not suspect that she had mental health issues and suffered from depression.

I had known some people who suffered from depression, but I did not realize that it was such a big mental health issue until our friend became more open with her problems of suffering from depression. She did not appear to the outside world like she would have depression. I did not know it until she talked about it. She seemed happy and on top of the world.

This was woman went out of her way to give service to others. Her entire church congregation could expect to receive a birthday card from her in the mail. She was extremely thoughtful and caring. Few people knew that she was depressed and hurting inside.

She had a nice husband. Her children were close to her and were loving. Almost no one suspected that she was having any trouble coping with family matters or personal issues with depression.
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This friend would send Christmas cards every year. When my wife and I moved across the country from Utah to Virginia, she continued to send cards. My wife sent Christmas cards to her and her husband until he passed away. Then she sent them to this friend. That was our only contact with her or her family. One year after Christmas, her son sent a note to us saying that his mother had passed away. We had not known about her death.

This kind woman did not have an abundance of money. Yet she spent a lot of money on greeting cards and postage which she sent to many people.

She was doing it out of the goodness of her heart to make other people feel better. She brightened the day for many on their birthday and at Christmas.

Sometimes depression is hidden, but there are many in the world suffering silently. They could use our help and understanding. Everyone needs a friend and a little kindness shown to them. It would make the world a better place if we could reach out to people who may be suffering. Even if they are not in pain or depressed, anyone could use a friendly gesture of kindness.

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