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You Can Help The Homeless With a Little Food

S. F. Mori

Leftover food may make someone else happy
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Everyone knows that homelessness is a very sad situation. No one would choose that way of life although a very few people might say they prefer it to having schedules and responsibilities. Homeless people likely have many needs, not the least of which would be food.

When we went out to dinner one night, we found that the servings at the restaurant were quite large. We had a lot of food left over after we were finished with our meal. Rather than save it to eat for the next day, we decided to give it to some homeless people.

If we had been in Washington, D.C. where we regularly would have dinner while we lived in Virginia, we could probably have seen a homeless person on the way while walking back to our car. That was not the case in Salt Lake City where we were. We drove a few blocks and did not see any homeless people so we decided to go to an area where we had previously seen a homeless camp.
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At first, we did not see people camped out in the area. Then a block away, there were many people congregated on the street. We drove up and stopped by a young couple. A man and a woman who were likely in their late twenties were standing on the sidewalk. They seemed to be rearranging a lot of "stuff" around them. They looked at us as we drove up.

My wife opened the door and asked the woman if she would like some food. She replied quite enthusiastically, "Yes, please." Apparently, she was hungry and was grateful to have some food to eat. She graciously said, "Thank you" as she accepted the food. Then we drove away.

The woman was polite and grateful. This was a young couple seemingly in good health. She did not look like a person who should have been homeless. It was hard not to wonder about their story. Why were they living on the streets? Were they uneducated, untrained, and unable to find work?

With "Help Wanted" and "Now Hiring" signs at nearly every restaurant, store, and business that you see, it is sad that these homeless people cannot get on their feet and get a job. It would take a lot of help for them to be able to get work when they don't have a place to live or clean up. They would need the facilities of a homeless shelter or possibly family members to assist them. It seems that the homeless shelters are full, especially with the cold weather coming quickly.

There are so many problems confronting the homeless. Having enough food to eat is a major concern. Helping a lot of the homeless or giving a lot of money may not be possible for most people, but there are small ways to help. Giving food to one or two homeless people is easily done. It doesn't do a lot in the long run, but it may help in the short term.

As the saying goes, "There but for the grace of God, go I."

So many problems can come to people. It is unkind to judge others such as the homeless. They have their reasons for being in that situation. Something happened to put them there. They may need help to get out of the homelessness. They may not be able to find the help they need. They may be grateful for just some food from a stranger.

We should be thankful if we have a comfortable place to live, the money that we need, and food to eat. Good health is an added bonus. Not everyone is that fortunate.

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