Gratitude Should Continue Even After Thanksgiving Is Over

S. F. Mori

Develop an attitude of gratitude all year
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Thanksgiving in the United States is a time to show gratitude

Most people who live in the United States celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday with family, friends, and perhaps strangers. Most enjoyed a feast and gave thanks for their blessings. Even many people who are homeless or living in poverty were helped to be able to enjoy a big Thanksgiving dinner with turkey as a main part of the meal.

This one holiday a year is especially designated as a time to give thanks. Expressing gratitude is something that we should be doing every single day, not just on Thanksgiving.

Gratitude may lead to feeling satisfied with your life. It is true that we should be thankful for the blessings that we have, but it should not make us complacent and not want to improve. We still need to work and accomplish as much as we can in this life.

We should have gratitude. It helps us to be happy with what we have and what we have achieved. We can stay thankful for everything with which we have been blessed, but we don’t need to stop trying to improve and grow.

Years ago, the phrase to develop an “attitude of gratitude” became used in many settings. People talked about it as good advice. It was recommended that all people should practice an attitude of gratitude and to express thankfulness every day. Being grateful is said to bring more good things into our life.

No matter what our state in life is, unless we are homeless, it is likely that there are people worse off than us. If we have a roof over our heads and food to eat, we should consider ourselves lucky. If we have work and the money we need to cover our expenses, life is good. If we have luxuries, we are being treated well. If we have good health, we are blessed. We should have gratitude in our hearts and express it regularly.

There are many who are homeless. There are others who have a place to live, but they are living in poverty. There are many who struggle with family problems, physical or mental health issues, and financial difficulties. Life is not easy, and it can be discouraging.
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Most of us are able to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. We should appreciate nature and this beautiful world in which we are living.

While being grateful for what we have is important, we might be able to help others who have needs. Showing gratitude and sharing with others will help us to be happy and satisfied.

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