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The New Airport in Salt Lake City is Decked Out For the Holidays

S. F. Mori

The crowds are there as well
Christmas Trees at the Airport(Image is author's)

Christmas has arrived at the new airport in Salt Lake City. Bright lights on Christmas trees and other holiday decorations greet passengers as they arrive and leave for travel.

The new airport is a beautiful facility. It is liked by some and disliked by others. People have complained about the LONG walk they have to make to and from the gates when departing or arriving. It is a big place, and walking a long distance is necessary for most of the airlines. People who might have walked to their plane in the past may request a wheelchair in the new airport because the walk may be more difficult than it was at the old airport.

The week of Thanksgiving was very busy at the airport. The cell phone waiting lot was nearly full to capacity (which was unusual compared with previous visits there). There were lots of cars also parked along the side of the street before entering the terminal area as they waited for passengers to arrive.

There are signs saying that masks are required inside the terminal so nearly everyone could be seen wearing a mask. There did not seem to be any protesting about the masks.

News stories and videos are shown about some passengers objecting strongly to wearing a mask once they were inside a plane. One may wonder if they are trying to have their moment of fame by being on videos showing them arguing with the flight attendants about masks. It does not seem worth it to make themselves well known in that manner where they show themselves in a very bad light.
Salt Lake City Airport(Image is author's)

The airport seems to be quite crowded whether it is night or day. Travelers are coming and going in record numbers after a slowdown during the beginning of the COVID pandemic.
Cars at the Salt Lake City Airport(Image is author's)

It was a steady stream of cars entering the airport terminal area with many cars parked along the side of the road. The police were not bothering those people as they do the ones who are parked for a few minutes at the terminal when picking up passengers.
Snowflakes at the Terminal Area(Image is author's)

Snowflakes adorn the area above where passengers wait for their rides. The airport is a festive place for Christmas just as is the rest of the world. They are making it pleasant for travelers who are still going places in spite of the COVID problems which do not seem to be improving.

Traveling to see family and friends is a normal occurrence during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. The airports throughout the world are likely to be busy even with though COVID is still here.

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