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Yoshi's in Salt Lake City Serves Japanese and Hawaiian Food

S. F. Mori

It is fast food Japanese style
Yoshi's Japanese Grill(Image is author's)

Yoshi's Japanese Grill Restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City is a place to pick up some quick Japanese food. It is also a pleasant place to sit and eat your food. The restaurant is small but clean and attractive.

The location in Salt Lake City is 516 East 300 South. They also have a restaurant in Murray at 5692 South 900 East.

When you enter, you can see the menu on the wall. There are pictures of the food along with a description and the prices. You order your food at the counter. The food is prepared in the back, and someone brings it to your table.
Menu on the wall(Image is author's)

There are grilled meats and Tempura style fried foods. They also have several varieties of sushi rolls. as well as soups, salads, and sides available to order.
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl(Image is author's)

The teriyaki chicken and veggies bowl has the meat and vegetables over a bed of rice. It is served attractively and was quite delicious.
Have a Rice Day Sign(Image is author's)

Rice is one of the mainstays on the menu as it is used in the entrees and the sushi.
The Restaurant and Paintings on Display(Image is author's)

The restaurant is clean with furniture which appears new. There are eight tables which seat four each in the restaurant plus counterspace for twenty more people. While we were there, only four of the tables were occupied with no one at the counters. There was a steady stream people who came in and placed take out orders. They left after getting their food. There also appeared to be a good number of Uber Eats orders from orders taken over the phone.

An assortment of various framed paintings were on the wall. It could have been like a gallery where the paintings are for sale although there were no prices visible. The pictures were of different scenes and of various sizes. There were not Japanese related.
Utensils and Japanese Wall Decor(Image is author's)

A couple of fabric wall hangings behind the counter were of Japanese designs. The place was neat and orderly. It is like fast food, and customers pick up their own utensils and napkins. They have forks and chopsticks available. They use disposable bowls and containers. They have plastic lids in case people want to take the food home.
The ARIGATO Sign Where you drop your trash(Image is author's)

As people leave the restaurant, they take their trash to the bin by the front door. The word ARIGATO, which means THANK YOU in Japanese, is written there to thank the customers for cleaning their tables and for the patronage.

It was a pleasant experience to go to Yoshi's for dinner. The food was good, and the staff were nice.

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