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George Floyd Is Being Remembered in Salt Lake City

S. F. Mori

Along with others who died tragic deaths
George Floyd's Face On A Building Wall(Image is author's)

The name of George Floyd became like a household word after he was killed by a former police officer in Minneapolis in May of 2020. Floyd's death came after the officer held his knee on Floyd's neck for around nine minutes. Floyd had been pleading for his life saying that he could not breathe.

With video of Floyd's death going viral, the public became enraged at the killing. There were protests held throughout the United States with some demonstrations throughout other parts of the world.

Crowds cheered when the police officer was found guilty for the three counts against him for Floyd's death, which included second-degree murder.

Now over a year has passed since George Floyd died. His life was lost, and he became a symbol for injustice and police brutality against Black people. Is he being remembered? He is in some areas.

If you drive down the Salt Lake City streets and pass near 800 South and 300 West, it is likely you will be reminded about George Floyd and the way he met his death. His face has been painted on a wall of a building in that area.

The mural in memory of George Floyd and others who lost their lives in what were seemingly senseless killings was unveiled on Thursday, June 3, 2020, a short time after his death. At the time, it was said to have been painted by an anonymous artist.

In a Fox 13 report by Spencer Burt in June 2020, the mural was mentioned. The report stated that local artists had to restore the mural of George Floyd after it was defaced with black tar. Vandals have tried to ruin the mural more than once, and local artists have restored it.

There are now more faces on the mural. Artists have painted portraits of some others who lost their lives in Utah due to what was considered to be police brutality or racism. Some other faces on the mural are: Bernardo Palacios, Dillon Taylor, Darrien Hunt, Bryan Pena Valencia and Chad Breinholt. Others have been added as well.

Artists who contributed to the murals and worked to correct the vandalism have said that the murals were created to help educate the public to the problems that some people face in society.

An artist was quoted in the article as saying: "We're going to try and represent as many as we can because they deserve the recognition, and some of these families are still fighting for justice."

Some local residents go by the murals and stop to pay their respects. They leave flowers, artwork, or signs which say things like "Be Kind" and "Black Lives Matter."

No one is saying that George Floyd and these others were model citizens who always obeyed the law. They were people who had problems and had encounters with law enforcement. They deserved due process, which they did not seem to have gotten. The police may have done what they felt they had to do at the time. It does appear that racism played a part in most of those cases.

The murals are a reminder about George Floyd and the trials of life.

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