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Final Days to See the Gold Mountain Musical in West Valley

S. F. Mori

This show teaches about American History

The West Valley Performing Arts Center is now featuring a new musical called "Gold Mountain." The show is presented by The Utah Shakespeare Festival. This is an effort to host a musical outside of their normal performances each year in Cedar City, Utah.

This week is the final week of the musical Gold Mountain which will run through November 20, 2021. This is a chance to experience the beautiful venue in West Valley City, Utah, and to learn about an important part of American history while enjoying outstanding performances by talented singers and actors.

Golden Spike Reenactment(Image in the public domain)

The Golden Spike was placed at Promontory Point near Corinne in the northern part of Utah on May 10, 1869. This was important in American history because it was the joining of the two railroads from the East to the West of the United States.

The Central Pacific Railroad was built Eastward from California. There were thousands of Chinese immigrant men who came to the United States to search for gold. There were stories of riches being found in Gold Mountain so they left their homeland to share in the wealth. They did not find gold, and many ended up working for the railroad. They did the back breaking job of laying track from California through Nevada to Utah.

The Gold Mountain musical play depicts some of the life and injustice which the Chinese immigrant workers suffered. It shows the hard work and the danger that they endured. There is also a love story of a young couple in the play.

This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a Broadway type musical in the Salt Lake Valley. The cast of great singers and actors are very talented. Some have performed on Broadway in New York City.

The West Valley Performing Arts Center is a beautiful venue with a "theater in the round" type of staging. The actors are up close and personal.
First Scene of the Gold Mountain Show(Image is author's)

The story takes place mostly outside the mine shaft where the workers are doing dangerous labor to build the railroad.

Sign at the theatre(Image is author's)

The musical show was written by Jason Ma. It is directed by Alan Muraoka with choreography by Billy Bustamante. Music direction is by Amanda Morton.

Ma said that he wanted to show the story of the Chinese laborers who were important to the completion of the transcontinental railroad.

The 150 Year Anniversary of the Golden Spike was celebrated in Salt Lake City and at Promontory Point in 2019. The Chinese immigrants who labored to help build the railroad were finally remembered and honored for the work they did to help with the infrastructure of the United States which brought the country together through the railroad. The Chinese had been left out of the celebration of the 100 Year Anniversary so they descendants made sure to have them included fifty years later.

With the connection to Utah, this new musical tells a story important to the history of Utah. It has an award-winning writer, director, and cast with Broadway credits.

It is highly recommended as a musical to see for entertainment and education.

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