Why is Bullying a Major Problem In The United States?

S. F. Mori

Young and old are affected

Bullying has become a huge problem in schools. While schools were closed due to the pandemic from Covid-19, bullying may have been eased a bit. Bullying is a big topic for discussion among educators, lawmakers, parents, and the public. Bullying has been shown to be a major contributing factor in many suicides of young people.

When relationships between people are good, bullying does not occur. It should certainly not happen among friends. It usually occurs to people that the bully does not know. There may be some conflict or problem to cause bullying or people are just being mean to someone who is a bit different than they are. There is reason to be concerned.

School Bus(Image in the public domain)

Although bullying is generally thought of as something which happens to school children, adults also can be bullied. The case of the school bus monitor in 2012 who was in her sixties in upstate New York was caught on video. She was harassed by four middle school students on the bus. That was children bullying an adult. After a video of the incident was released and went viral, she received over $700,000 in online donations. The woman retired from the school bus job and decided to use some of the money to start an anti-bullying foundation.
She had been a school bus driver for twenty years and was a school bus monitor for three years before the incident occurred. She must have been used to school children, but she apparently had not encountered such mean bullying until that time. [Wikipedia]

There have been many cases of bullying among elected officials, especially over the past several years. These people in leadership positions often call each other derogatory names for words and actions they don't like. It is another form of bullying which should not be happening. This is among people who know each other.

Standing up to bullying and unfair treatment is not easy and may take a lot of courage. During World War II when Japanese Americans were treated unjustly simply because of their ethnic heritage and the fact that the United States was at war with Japan, a few of the people stood up for their rights. They were brave souls who tried to fight the prejudice and discrimination (a type of bullying) which targeted an entire segment of the population. Those people who protested the unfair treatment were arrested and imprisoned for their actions, but they were later pardoned. Some of the other people who had been incarcerated in the camps during the period of the war said, in retrospect, that they wished they too had been courageous enough to stand up against the mistreatment they received.
A Camp Which Imprisoned Japanese Americans During World War II(Image in the public domain)

A form of bullying against adults might include the treatment people receive from persistent sales people whom they may encounter or people who are trying to get them to become customers. If someone indicates that the person may be less intelligent to not take their deal, that is a form of bullying.

Society today has a big problem with bullying. Standing up for one's rights and not caving in to bullying may be difficult, but it could help to restore peace into a person's life. Confronting those who do the bullying is not an easy thing to do. It often takes an intermediary to remedy the situation. Many people are affected by bullying. People who are able to help someone being bullied should do so.

Bullying done by adults sets a bad example. Teachers, parents, and friends should teach children to respect the rights of others and to treat everyone fairly. Bullying should not be allowed to continue. Bullying is right up there with racism, discrimination, and prejudice.

Bullying is a big problem because there are people who will not accept and respect others.

[Reference: Wikipedia]

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