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A Pedestrian Accident Is a Reminder to Be Careful When Crossing Streets

S. F. Mori

Caution is especially necessary in the dark
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Now that daylight savings time has ended for the year in Utah and most areas of the United States, it is especially prudent to be careful when crossing any street. As it will become darker earlier in the evening, it can become more dangerous as drivers may not see pedestrians as easily as in the daylight hours. Crossing the street can be risky at any time, but darkness makes matters worse.

A friend talked about an incident at her granddaughter's high school in Layton, Utah. A young girl was hit by a car as she crossed the street early one morning before school. The accident happened near the school. The driver of the car was a young male student who had not seen the girl. He got out of his car to help her. Before he could assist her, another car came and hit the girl again. That driver was a parent of a student at the school. She did not see the girl and ran over her. Both drivers were concerned and cooperated with authorities. It was unfortunate that the girl was hit not only once but twice as she was going to school.
Our friend did not know the girl, and her granddaughter does not know her. However, the incident has been talked about extensively at the high school. It was an accident which has taught the students to be more careful when crossing the street and while driving.
The young victim received multiple serious injuries but is expected to survive. Someone has set up a Go Fund Me page for the girl.

There are many pedestrian accidents where people crossing streets are hit by cars. It is usually a matter where the driver does not see the people in the the street or crosswalk.

It is especially dangerous for pedestrians in the early morning hours and evening hours when it is dark. People who are walking on the streets in the dark are often wearing black or dark clothing. They may be very difficult for drivers to see. Pedestrians should be on the lookout themselves and realize that drivers may not see them. They should make sure that it is safe before they cross the street. That is not always possible to know, but it could be a means of keeping people safe if they are more cautious.
Pedestrians may be hard to see in the dark(Image is author's)

One of the sayings which was heard during my childhood many years ago was, "When you walk at night, wear something white." That is still good advice in this day and age.
The other night when we were driving, there was a pedestrian crossing the street. It was dark, and he was wearing dark clothing. It was not easy to see him, but he was holding a white plastic grocery bag. That bag made it easier to see that a person was there in the dark.

Pedestrian accidents can happen to anyone who is walking on the streets. These types of accidents occur all around the world. There are people who are struck by cars and injured in Utah every year. Most are in need of hospitalization and emergency care. There are pedestrian deaths in Utah each year. Some could have been avoided with more care.

People do have to go places and walk when it is dark. Life goes on in the day and night no matter what season of the year it is. It may be more dangerous as Winter approaches and it gets dark earlier each day.

Both pedestrians and drivers need to be more careful when walking or driving, especially now that daylight savings time has ended for the year.

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