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Homeless in Salt Lake City Will Be Looking For Warmth

S. F. Mori

As winter sets in on the valley
Snow on the mountains above Salt Lake City(Image is author's)

Winter is on its way. Cooler temperatures have arrived in the Salt Lake Valley with the colorful Autumn leaves in abundance and now falling from the trees. Some snow has come to the valley although it melted as soon as the sun came out. The harsh and bitter cold of the snow and ice which will accompany the winter months in the Salt Lake City area will make life difficult for the homeless who have been living in the warmth of summer outdoors.

Some people wonder why so many homeless people have gravitated to Utah where the weather makes homelessness especially difficult during the winter. It would be interesting to know how many are actually from Utah. There are some homeless shelters and facilities which do their best to help the homeless. It seems that there are too many homeless individuals for the shelters to adequately be able to care for all of them. There are still many who are living on the streets or wherever they can find a place to set up a tent or a sleeping bag.

These people who are without a home and roof over their heads will need to find shelter for the winter. It will be too cold to continue to live outdoors.
Homeless camp(Image is author's)

A small tent or a piece of canvas draped to shield from the sun may work for the summer months, but they will not provide enough protection or warmth during the winter. The Utah winters can be harsh and brutal without proper shelter from the elements.

There are quite a number of homeless shelters and resources for people who find themselves without a place to live. Some of the facilities serving people in Salt Lake City are: Rescue Mission of Salt Lake, Homeless Utah, The Road Home, Rescue Mission, Gail Miller Resource Center, Homeless Outreach Program, Family Promise Salt Lake, Young Men's Transition Home, Homeless Youth Resource Center, Valley Storefront Homeless Center, and several others.

The need is great, and it seems that the resources available are not adequate to take care of the number of homeless currently living in the Salt Lake City area. Winter weather will make life more difficult for homeless people. It is a matter which is being taken up with government officials who are trying to help.

Homelessness is a sad situation. It is unfortunate when people find themselves homeless. It is especially hard when winter weather arrives. There are many people who need help.

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