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A Friend Was Injured On a Bike Ride at Moab

S. F. Mori

He was treated in Salt Lake City

A friend and colleague who lives in the Bay Area in California called and said that she would be coming to Salt Lake City (where I live) the next day. She said her husband had emergency surgery at the University of Utah Hospital. She did not say why. I picked her up at the airport the next evening and took her to the hospital.
Moab scenery and arch(Image in the public domain)

Then I found out that her husband had a bicycle accident in Moab. He had met up with some friends at the Salt Lake City airport. They rented a car and drove to Moab where they rented bicycles to have some fun in the magnificent red rocks and spectacular scenery of Moab. They were all experienced bicyclists who had gone on trips together in several different areas.
Moab scenery(Image in the public domain)

As they were enjoying the bike ride, our friend had a freak accident. He is not exactly sure what happened, but he ended up on the ground with the handlebar of the bicycle having been pushed hard into his upper right leg. Of course, it was extremely painful.

One of his friends in the group was a medical doctor so he knew that it was serious. Our friend was airlifted via helicopter to the hospital in Moab. Then they decided that he needed to have emergency surgery so he was taken in another helicopter to the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City where the surgery was performed that night.

The doctor with the group told our friend's wife that she should fly to Salt Lake City because it was not certain if her husband would be able to fly home on a commercial flight. She might have to rent a car and drive him back to California. So she flew to Salt Lake City the next day.

Miraculously, her husband was discharged from the hospital the day after she arrived. He was recovering very well and was able to walk on his own without even using a cane. He had some pain when he moved his leg. Otherwise, he was doing extremely well. He was allowed to fly home.

He had nothing but high praise for the doctors and the staff at the University of Utah Hospital.
University of Utah Hospital(Image in the public domain)

I had just gone to Moab about a month and a half before our friend had gone there. It was for their annual music concert held at Moab. I was amazed at the beauty of the area. I could see why people would want to go there and bike in the beautiful area of red rocks cliffs.
Moab and Colorado River(Image is author's)

Our friend's trip to Moab could have been much worse, but he received excellent care and is well on his way to a complete recovery. He has nothing but good things to say about his experience at the University of Utah Hospital.

My wife and I had them come over for dinner. He was managing very well. Then I took them for a ride around Salt Lake City before they left for the airport.

In spite of his accident at Moab, he enjoyed Salt Lake City after he was discharged from the hospital. Although they left the next day, he was able to see some of the area. He said he might even consider buying a home here. His wife insists it would be a second home, but it is possible.

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