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Thankful To Live in a Nice, Warm House

S. F. Mori

The winter weather is coming to Utah
Beautiful leaves of Autumn(Image is author's)

The Autumn season is a time of beauty as the Fall colors arrive in all their splendor to change the landscape of the world. The cooler weather brings comfortable days and evenings. They are signals that winter is on its way. For areas like Utah which experience the four seasons, the snow will be arriving before long or has already arrived.
Salt Lake City View with Snow on the Mountains(Image is author's)

How fortunate we are if we are able to live in a warm and comfortable house. Some people understand the fact that there are homeless in the world by saying, "There but for the grace of God, go I." It could happen to people who would least expect it.

I am thankful to live in a nice, warm house. It is something for which we should express gratitude every day if we are fortunate to have a home in which to live. It does not have to be a mansion or luxury accommodations. It can be a small apartment where we have the conveniences of modern living. Having a roof over your head is a blessing..

We are lucky if life has not thrown us too many curves which caused us to lose money and the possessions that come with it. Every person in the world is sure to experience a fair share of trials, problems, challenges, and concerns in this life. They might be with health, employment, financial, or family matters. No one will get through this life without problems. Some handle them better than others.

The problems may be multiplied for some who have had the misfortune to find themselves homeless. It may be a huge struggle just to survive from the elements of nature and weather, especially as winter arrives.

How grateful we should be if we have a comfortable place to live and food to eat.

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